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Thread: Aptitude tests.

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    this got me a better score on the asvab. a 92...

    well i only took it once, the asvab, but i learned a lot on this app.

    p.s. armed services vocational aptitude battery

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    I scored a 92%. Not bad for a dumbass redneck that qualifies for legal insanity.

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    I got 82%. not bad considering I am in high school.

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    I only got 78%, but after review I found that I misread a couple questions. Also, in question 48 there are two answers that are technically the same. I happened to pick the wrong one.

    If I took it again I'd get 100%, but that's kinda cheating. Also, it's been a few years since I've had to deal with any of the more specific stuff in that test. Such as pulleys.
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    100% on the mechanical aptitude test.

    93% on Diesel Theory. Not gonna bother with the other two tests, I know jack about diesels.

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    10th Grade junior in high school. 16 Years of age. score 390 = 78% Fail. Damn
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    Well woulda been nice to take if it was still up. Wanted to see how I stacked up against the other high schoolers haha Owell.
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