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    The total cost, if you got everything (which isn't manditory) would be $454.00 plus some shipping, with the Mk IV MAF's I have sourced.

    The Ford MAF's, according to Jamie Bergen, are about $120 for a recnditioned one from most parts stores... which is about $60 more than the Mk IV ones I have found. You have to decide of the headache of getting a Mk IV MAF connectorand wiring it in is worth the $60 your saving.

    I am NOT suppling ANY of the MAF's BTW. I have found someone who has 8 of the Mk IV MAF's for $60 each ($50 each if we take all of them), and I am just passing along his contact info to you.

    That Laptop should be ok for tuning. If ya can, go online and update all the drivers and software, as well as the windows version though, to make sure you have no problems. Marc says that any Windows version from 95 on up will work fine, so long as it has the latest updates available to it.

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    Any dyno results yet boys...this is a tough call...I'm still seriously thinking about it.

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    Bob, a buddy of mine has an 80mm maf made for a mustang that he doesn't need anymore. I believe he said that it's for the 96-98 cobra, do you forsee any issues using this maf and sensor. I'll be pm-ing you later, I'm about 99.99999212% in...and very excited to see dyno results.

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    I believe the dyno was put on hold since the guy is having trouble keeping his car running right now...
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    Yeah, the Dyno was put on hold due to a fuel delivery issue... Jason has a solid lead on the problem tho, and it shouldn;t be long.


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    Problem was due to settings in the management software, that Marc clarified for me and she runs perfect now. Dyno will be this Saturday.

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    I spoke to Marc today. Got some good info and bad....

    The good info first.

    The MAF sensor they used on Jason's car is a Ford MAF from a 96-97 Cougar or Thunderbird. The part number on it is F6SZ12B579AARM. Its a FOrd Part Number. Thats the 3" they offer. The 3.5" they offer is from a 96 Ford Cobra. I don't have the part number, but I would imagine that just about any that would fit it would work. I would SERIOUSLY recommend that you get one from a junkyard, as I checked into it at parts dealers, and there is a standard $75 core charge from Ford Dealers on these. I even negotaited a price on the SPlit Second 3" MAF's if you do not want to be bothered with searching for one of your own. The 3" MAF he can give us for $180.

    Another good thing is, I will be doing up shipping quotes and emailing them and PMing them to everyone who contacted me within the next day or so.

    Now, here's the bad news.

    Marc had given me the distinct impression that the connector for the MAF came with the kit. Today, he tells me that he is willing to "sell" them to me at just above his cost... $50 above and beyond the box. Now, to say that this pissed me off a little bit is something of an understatement .. as I distinctly asked, "With the PSC1 box, and a MAF sensor, they will have everything they require to have this work, right?" So after a bit of rather harsh negotiations, I got him to lower it to $35. The upside is, that its a custom harness for us, and all we do is cut the wires to length and connect them to the box, mount the box, and cut the wires that go into the ECU from the old AFM, and connect them to the box.

    Well... I am not one to let well enough alone, so I made some calls. The actual connector itself is availble from Ford Dealers for between $18 and $22. I think I could maybe get a better price on them if I bought a bulk of them. Add on another $5 for some wire, solder and heat shrink wrap, and thats better than $35.

    I thought I was crystal clear with Marc on this, but I guess not. I seriously apologise to everyone on this one, as I really feel I made a MAJOR screw up here. :oops: Let me know what you guys want... If you want a harness or if you want to source the connector yourself, or whatever else you wanna do... Even this aside, I still feel its a good deal and I still feel it will be a major boon to us.

    I'm still working on a source for more of the Ford MAF's and connectors... I'll let ya all know what I find... tho from what I am seeing, the U-Pull-it junkyards are gonna be the cheapest...

    seriously pissed and embarressed,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supra Bob
    Well... I am not one to let well enough alone, so I made some calls. The actual connector itself is availble from Ford Dealers for between $18 and $22. I think I could maybe get a better price on them if I bought a bulk of them. Add on another $5 for some wire, solder and heat shrink wrap, and thats better than $35.
    Bob, I think that I speak for the majority when I say that this is probably the best solution to the problem. That or letting us have the part number.. You're doing a good job man. Don't sweat the little things, we all know you have to be prepared to shell out the dough to modify our cars..

    -Andrew.. Who can't wait to recieve his conversion kit.

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    Andrew..there really isn't a part number on the connector. Just tell them you need the connector for a 1996 Cougar's MAF sensor, and they should have it. Engine size will not matter as both engines use the same MAF

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    Hey Bob, it's a minor thing, really don't worry about it. I'm sure all of us willing to spend the $$ for this mod won't sweat a few more $$. Anyone who complains should try putting together a group buy on a one-off product like this. Great job !

    On that MAF from Marc, is it a new Ford unit or is it a re-manuf unit like what we can get at parts stores for $120. Maybe it's possible to get a unit from a pick n pull but I sorta like the starting off with new approach (or re-manuf). The parts stores say 1 yr warranty.

    I wouldn't mind some soldering or shrink wrapping, but would prefer to get all the parts from Marc, at least if something doesn't fit or whatever we can call him.

    Yes, we are all waiting on Jasons dyno this Saturday !

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