Brullen Group Buy is Finally Ready to Go

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    Brullen Group Buy is Finally Ready to Go

    Ladies and Gents,

    I'm sorry for the delay but I've finally managed to get all the details to get this group buy set up. These prices are for a minumum of 10 orders...can't guarantee pricing if less than 10units...will cross that bridge when/if we get to it. I'll update this thread with potential/confirmed buyers.

    2.25/2.5" SS Catback System: $650cnd - $485usd - regular price is $750cnd (+tax) just checked my bill...lmk if you want to see it.
    3" SS Catback System: $735cnd - $550usd
    Free Options:
    1) Loud or Quite - I would not recommend Loud unless you enjoy waking up the Dead :roll:
    2) Tips Size 2.5" / 3" / 4" -for reference mine are 3"
    3) Angled Tips/Straigt tips -mine are angled
    Other Options:
    1) Polished Can: $45cnd - $35usd
    2) Stock Replacement Cat: $125cnd - $95usd
    3) High-Flow Cat: $260cnd - $195usd - I put this baby on my car and made a huge difference over the stock cat with my Thorleys and 2.5" Brullen
    4) MKII Exhaust Piping Only 2.25/2.5(No Muffler): $375cnd/$280usd
    5) MKII Exhaust Piping Only 3.0" (No Muffler): $475cnd/$354usd
    6) MKII Muffler (No Piping): $345cnd/$257
    7) MKII Test Pipe: $55cnd/$41
    U.S. East Coast: $36usd
    U.S. West Coast: $43usd
    Canada: $30-$60cnd - please send me an email for a quote: [email protected]
    Local Members:
    Install cost for Group Buy Only: $45cnd
    Time Frame
    Group Buy Starts Today...Last Day May 15th 2004
    Cashiers Check/Money
    Paypal + 2%

    As Usual...lmk if I've missed anything

    Current List:

    1. DJ PAID
    2. Raj PAID
    3. Jim PAID
    4. JimK PAID
    5. Rock V.PAID
    6. Josh. PAID
    7. Aj PAID
    8. Scott H PAID
    9. Chad PAID
    10. James R. PAID
    11. Dwain PAID

    Bob -1 Highflow Cat PAID

    To everyone interested in this groupbuy, please send me an email to:

    [email protected]m

    Title: Brullen Group Buy

    In your email let me know the following:

    What Size Exhuat You are Interested In
    Which Free and Paid Options that you will be getting.
    Your Address

    I will then follow up with a quote for your order with shipping included

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    Supra since '86 rsdeo's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    Burlington, Ontario. Canada
    I'm in for sure. We'll talk bout it this week.

  4. #3 Member TRD 83 SUPRA XX's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    Fontana Cali.
    :joke: would be nice tho :idea:
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    For you members who have not seen the pictures of the brullen kit plastered all over this site over the last year check these out:

    Click Here

    And Here...go to Deans Modification Section

    If you need any more pix than that :use_sear: . Thanks...have a nice day.

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    if i already have my muffler, can i buy just the pipe from the cat to the muffler??? how much???

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    3"SS, Quite, 3" straight tips ( they're dual tips right ?)
    Still debating on the cat option ( might just hollow mine out )
    So if I get it "shipped" to my moms Ohio address I dont pay taxes right ???
    Let me know

  9. #7 Member
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    Mar 2003
    Southern California
    Uhg...Another GB when the only thing in my wallet is the scent of money.

    I wonder what bodily fluids are in short supply this year. :lol:
    84 P-Type. Mineral Gray metallic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by opron
    if i already have my muffler, can i buy just the pipe from the cat to the muffler??? how much???
    The pricing being offered is for the entire cat-back system. I'm sure Richard will be will to sell it seperately but I'm sure the price won't be pretty. I won't be talking to him till Thursday/Friday, if you want I'll get more details then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarletlizard
    So if I get it "shipped" to my moms Ohio address I dont pay taxes right ???
    Let me know
    Sounds dumb DJ but yes that's true 0 taxes if shipped out of country.

  12. #10 Member Snake2715's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    How good is this deal?

    I understand the price has went up over the last few years but what are comparitive prices of similar systems?

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