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    Quote Originally Posted by ABQMK2 View Post
    there is more than one way to skin a them(ideas) up if youve got them fellas..thats how this stuff leads to good discussion and methods for mods and ideas.

    BTW..i did this 3 years ago.
    I did this 4 years ago

    and posted a build thread on it...

    I took a slightly different approach. Same mount location but I just modified the stock hardlines to accept a soft line. My only cost was the length of fuel hose (less then a dollar). I've been driving around with this setup for the last 4 years and no major issues. Had one of the hose clamps loosen up on me a touch once and cause a small drip, but I added a little locktite to the screw on the clamp and its been fine ever since. You could also just run the factory pinch style clamps and never have that problem, but I wanted a little more pressure on the hose.

    I used this setup on my new 6mge as well and its been great there too. This would work on a 7m just as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moonpie33 View Post
    Where did you get the line from
    unless i can borrow yours
    I got my lines made at a place called action hose here in ABQ. theyre cheap and they crimp them with a huge ass crimping machine. Like i said in the 1st post. go to any hydrailic hose/line shop. they should be able to make them.

    As for suprafiend doing it for less than a $1 is great. I just hate the banjo bolt BS on the factory filter..thats why i bought the fittings for the filter.

    I ran this on my 7mgte and now Im going to run it on my new and improved turbo car. If the AN-6 line proves to be to small for E85 fuel and my HP goals then I will upgrade to AN-8 or AN-10 fuel line..which ever is needed.

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    Hey Jake, I know this thread is old but I want to replicate your fuel line setup. I contacted driftmotion to see if they have a similar kit and they said they can custom make flex hoses of any size. How long are each of the hoses? the First one from transmission tunnel to filter and the second from filter to fuel rail. The first one looks to be maybe a foot and the second two feet? I don't have my motor in the car yet so i can't measure it exactly. If figure if i go with your measurements it'll be close enough. Thanks

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    This Thread may be old but it is still helping

    Thanks for the tip to check out ANplumbing. That site was very helpful to solve this problem.
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    I can't make out the old fuzzy Photobucket pics. Where is the filter relocated to? I just changed my filter last year, and since it is not an everyday driver it only logs about 2,000 to 3,000 miles a year, but it is still a real pain to change that filter, and I would like to do this mod, originality be damned!

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