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Thread: Rota wheels.

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    Looks like rota is at it again with a few new that fit our cars. Wish we had more tire choices in 15 as always, i'd suggest 16's or greater really these days unless you are ok stretching the tire a little..

    ZERO PLUS 15x8 +0 4x11.43 listed, though i can't find it for sale anywhere yet.
    These are a replica of the work equip 01, for 1/4 the price

    Kyusha 15x8 4x114.3 -15 to +0, 15x9 4x114.3 -15 to -5, or +0.
    Copy of the work meister cr01 at a fraction of the price

    Grid Classic 15x7 4x114.3 e0, 15x8 4x114.3 e0, 15x7 4x114.3 e0, 15x9 4x114.3 e0, 16x7 4x114.3 e+20, 16x8 4x114.3 e+0
    Decent looking copy of the volk te37v, again fraction of the price.

    None of this really matters much to me as i'm set for wheels, just though someone else might like to see them. As always there are more options than just Rotas for replicas, XXR's from nl motoring are always a great price for instance.
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    Nice to know about the Rota wheels.Its good to use and of different sizes.But i am not using it till right now but now i would like to buy a pair to test these wheels.

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    Hi . is there any photos still left of those 8.5x17 et4 rb:s on stock p-type fronts

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