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    Quote Originally Posted by kmfdmk View Post
    List Your PayPal...
    And some sort of mailing address / PO box?

    Damn Phil, this is just terrible
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    Yeah I vote for (temporary) sticky!

    The Record (article about the fire, very brief, nothing more than what we already know)

    Waterloo Police Dispatch Breakdown

    And if you scroll ALL the way down...
    Supplemental Published : August 4, 2010

    Waterloo Regional Police Division 3 Detectives in partnership with the Ontario Fire Marshall continue to investigate a multi-unit fire on Rankin Street in Waterloo.

    Police are treating the fire as suspicious and continue to protect the scene while detectives and fire officials piece together the circumstances. The Waterloo Fire Prevention Officer is also assisting in the investigation.

    Police urge anyone with information that may assist in this investigation to call Division 3 Detectives at 519-653-7700 x3385 or Crime Stoppers 1 800 222 TIPS.
    Statement from the City of Waterloo, 8-5-2010, upping damages to at least $2 million.

    That's all I can find for now.
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    Do we need a passport to get into Canada these days?

    I have a few spare parts here and there for the varies years. If that will help you out PM me a list of stuff you'd need for you personal and customer cars.

    I hope the people who did this DO NOT remain anonymous.
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    Phil, with your permission, I'll post a link to this thread over on
    Joe B.
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    This is awful... sorry for the lose ... this is huge .... give greg or I an address so we can try to help you in some way....... Renee
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    I too am sorry dude. Please be careful to let who you know, leave, be absent, or away from your shop, I was told this by a homeowner, since we are looking into purchasing a new house. Again, sorry phil. (online, and in person)

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    I am sorry. It's a shame that there are people like that in this world. The perps will ultimately be caught and brought to justice, but I know that's little comfort now. We will do what we can to get you through this.
    Dave Harrison

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    I'm so sorry Phil ,,, I know how much your QS and your original MKII meant to you . Parts and customer cars on top of that must have you in a bad state of mind right now . Hang in there buddy ,, your friends are here to help in anyway we can. I have a load of 1j 2j 5m and interior pieces. I assume your customers cars will have to be finished first if they didn't have insurance ,,, if you need anything please send me an email .

    SO fkn heartbreaking man ! Did any other business have a camera , any other business on the street have one outside ? Maybe you could get a look at who was around the area at 3 or 4 am via street cams or something ? hell i'd even try nasa, or google fkn earth..... I would be out for blood Phil ,,hope you keep yoru sanity my friend .

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    I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine what you're going through right now but I know you'll pull through. I can take off from work early before the meet if my help is needed.

    Shoot me an email and let me know.
    Chris G
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    I really hate to see stuff like this dude. I'm wishing you the best of luck. Thieves need to ESAD.
    David H
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