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    Guys - I appreciate your good thoughts. I'm trying to amass an army of bodies to empty out the wreckage before going in with the Bobcat in case there are some parts they didn't get. Money - well, there is none. I may lose my house, and if the liability for the bldg falls on me, that's over $2M that I just don't have atm.....
    I'm really in dire need of financial support from everyone I know, and even those I don't. I think one of my local customers is putting together a donation drive so he will post up here with that info as I won't have time to moderate anything. Even this is taking time I don't have....
    Cheers, Canadian Phil adrenaline"at"
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    I'm at a loss for words.

    Let us know how we can help.

    That said, was Adrenaline incorperated? Insured?

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    Phil, This is heart breaking. So few vendors and now the loss of Adrenaline. Although I am not working i will send what I can. I think that's the least I can do for what you have provided. I am out of town and will send it when I return. I pray you can reopen one day.

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    Damn, no thoughts come to mind when thinking of the pain and devastation you must be going through right now.
    The best I can say for now is hang in there bro, people can always find a way to get up from even the most bottomless
    of places with just a tiny bit of hope.
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    Well let us know a date. I'm sure quite a few of us from RHR and the rest of Iowa will be available to come help you sift through the ashes.
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    I cried this morning looking at the photos. I spent nearly 2 amazing years with Phil, and although it wasn't shop that made those years so great, it was the place it happened.

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    Phil, I'm really sorry to hear about this. I hope they find the vandals.... Stay strong!

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    Good luck Phil. I hope insurance can cover it. . .
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    This is horrible. I have never met you phil but exchanged a few pm's and emails and you were always a helpful guy. Hope you catch who ever did this.
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    my word.

    i do not even know where to start or where to end.

    im crushed.
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