Inappropriate avatars/signatures

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    Inappropriate avatars/signatures

    The Admin team (Mike, Stephen, and I) have heard some concerns/complaints about inappropriate signatures and avatars.

    The existence of these items has resulted in people being unable to view these forums from work and/or home, and this is something we want to address and prevent.

    Moving forward we'd like to request that all avatars and signatures are appropriate for all audiences. Specifically, this means no nudity, soft core porn, foul language, etc. A benchmark that helps me personally is that if you even have to consider that it might be inappropriate then please don't use it.

    We're not interested in doing this to censor people -- we want to ensure that the forum is available to all people at all times without concern for someone getting into trouble.

    We'd like members to voluntarily modify their signatures and avatars to comply with this policy and help out. If members run into inappropriate avatars/signatures/attachments please PM an admin or moderator and we'll speak with the person about changing it.

    I appreciate your help in following this new policy. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to PM or preferably email me ([email protected]).

    Thank you for helping make a great place. Without you this community wouldn't be as vibrant as it is.

    -Chris representing the admin team
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    Hey Guys,

    I've been noticing some questionable signatures and avatars lately, Please read the post above from Quick.

    Please Please make sure ALL questionable links/threads are marked NWS to alert those whose bosses and families are near the computer.

    Thank you all for your help!

    87 MKIII Turbo Paperweight.

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