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    Hi, i'm still new to this forum and came across your posts. I've done a similar conversion but on a Toyota Corolla. It's quite a task. Your conversion is clean. It almost looks like the factory install. Excellent work. Off topic. I wanted to know how the process goes to bring a JDM in. I know that California is so strict on this but I wanted to know a reputable dealer to buy a JDM from and who bet to ask from but you since you have gone through the process getting your car. If you don't mind my asking, how much does it cost to bring in a JDM car like yours? what paperwork is needed to be able to register the car. What are all the requirements that are needed to bring in a JDM Supra where you live. Including contracts of where to get the car from. I'd appreciate any information you can give. I want to add a 97-98 MKIV to my first one. A 1985 MKII P-Type that is completely stock. I've been working on it a bit at a time. Rebuilt my extra 5MGE which I can't wait to put on right now but it's just too cold outside, lol. I'd appreciate any information you can give me. Thank you for your time.

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    It's far cheaper to buy a usdm mkiv than to try and import one legally into California. Your looking at about a 15k premium on the car to do it. Unfortunately it's not Florida where you can register anything you pay for.

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