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    I have the same water leak behind the lower rear timing cover. It's been leaking for almost 2 years now, finally it's gotten to the point I have to put 1/2 gallon in every day (fill resevoir and top rad off). I am not taking any chances with head gasket sealing there so I am pulling the entire engine for a re-seal since it's been 9 years (on 4/20!) and she's got a multitude of oil seeps

    I wish my engine had made it 10 years before doing this but oh well. Most other people's builds from around that time have already blown up so I can't complain too much XD
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    I didn't see anyone posting up what belt to use with a True 6M, 6M timing Gear and 7M Supra crank pulley. I used a 4PK0925 which is a 4 rib belt. I wanted a 900(90mm long) or maybe 910, but the local shop had a 92.5mm belt in stock. This was with a 6M alternator(5M should be the same I think). It was a little on the long side, right about at the end of the tensioner, but it might actually be a good fit for both a 5M and 7M alternator in the 5M location maybe?(I didn't try to fit a 7M alt) I used a 4 rib belt not a 5, as I am driving it off the AC belt spot on the 7M Crank Pulley seems to line up well.
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    That sounds about what I run, a little shorter perhaps. Keep a spare in the car!
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