[CLOSED] Raptor Racing MK2 Reproduction Rubber Hatch Glass Seal Group Buy

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    [CLOSED] Raptor Racing MK2 Reproduction Rubber Hatch Glass Seal Group Buy

    Back in April I put up a gauging interest thread here which was met with some decent numbers. I’ve decided to risk it and put these into production. You can see full details of Seamus’ install with feedback here

    Just so there is no misunderstanding, this is for the hatch to glass seal, it’s modeled after the 85+ seal which fits ALL years. Hardcore 82-84 purist please note that this seal eliminates the need for the metal corner trim.

    US/Canadian Customers: $180 + Shipping
    Australian Customers: $160 + $49.95

    • For Australian Customer we can fit 2 units in one package for the above price so it’s best you try to find someone near you to split the shipping costs with.
    • For Canadian/US Customers I won’t know the shipping price until the units are in my hands, it will not be bad, roughly $20-25 but I just can’t guess the rate right now.
    • Canadian Customers MUST add Tax to their price but this can be paid for prior to shipping when I’ve give you your shipping quote.

    Payment Terms/Methods

    Australian customers must pay in full, Canadian/US Customers can just pay for the unit(s)…when they are ready for shipping I will follow up with a shipping quote and advise you of taxes due(for Canadian Customers).

    US and Australian Customers
    Payment via paypal: [email protected]

    Canadian Customers
    All Canadian Customers MUST pay in CDN Dollars via:
    1. Email Money Transfer (most all major Canadian Banks Have this) to: [email protected]
    2. Paypal +3% in CND Currency to [email protected]
    3. Cheque

    International Customers
    Please email me...do NOT pm me please!! We can discuss payment and shipping terms.

    Require Information

    Your Payment MUST include:

    1. Full Name and Forum Name:
    2. Full Mailing Address (NO PO Boxes):
    3. Phone Number

    If you're paying via paypal you can add this in your payment. PLEASE try to avoid using paypal mobil app as it neglects to include the address which forces me to follow up with you. If you're paying via Email Money Transfer or Cheque please make sure to send me a follow up email.


    The parts are actually already produced and ready to ship to me, for North America customers I would guess that late September these should start shipping…but again that’s a guess.

    The deadline will officially be August 23rd, if you are SERIOUSLY interested and you need some more time please email me and we can work something out. Otherwise pricing will go up after that date, not sure how much…might only be a few bux might be more but either way it will not be $200 plus shipping.

    Group Buy Participants

    1. Kevin D (NZ) - Tracking - EE123744234TH
    2. Phoebe G(AUS) - Tracking - EE123744225TH
    3. William S (AUS) - Tracking - EE123744217TH
    4. Scott G (AUS) - Tracking - EE12344279TH
    5. Edgar S (AUS) - ...Shipping with Steeko
    6. Resse D (AUS) - Tracking EE123744509TH
    7. Nick R (AUS) - Tracking EE123744282TH
    8. Geoffroy D (Belgium) - Tracking EE123744319TH
    9. Patrick M (AUS) - Tracking EE123744305TH
    10. Shan L (AUS) - Tracking EE123744296TH
    11. Shan L (AUS) - Tracking EE123744296TH
    1. Jason O - $24 SHIPPING 09/16/13
    2. Timothy M - $24 SHIPPED
    3. Ancil N -$24 SHIPPED
    4. Phil D -$24 SHIPPING 09/16/13
    5. Dustin F - SHIPPED
    6. Vern A - $24 SHIPPED
    7. Jason C - $24 SHIPPED
    8. Jeff L - $24
    9. David H - -$24
    10. Thomas R - $24 SHIPPING 09/16/13
    11. Jim J - $24 SHIPPED
    12. Michael A - Waiting for Spoiler Trim
    13. Carlos C - $24 SHIPPING 09/16/13
    1. Kyle B - Waiting for Spoiler Trim
    2. Dale Z -$35.79 SHIPPING 09/16/13
    3. Dale Z - SHIPPING 09/16/13
    4. Steve T - Pick up
    5. Tony P - Waiting for Spoiler Trim
    6. Olivier L -$26.46 SHIPPING 09/16/13
    7. Cam W - $26.79 SHIPPING 09/16/13
    8. Ryan S - Waiting for Spoiler Trim
    9. Ryan S - - Waiting for Spoiler Trim
    10. Royce - $26.79 SHIPPING 09/16/13
    11. Kenny C - $26.79
    12. Josh L - SHIPPED
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    CelicaSupra.com Member
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    Aug 2009
    Only 2 weeks to order so start buying!

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    Ottawa, ON
    Email sent!

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    Member ViRuS's Avatar
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    29 Palms, California
    Payment sent! Thanks George
    The Desert Supra

    83L- Jessica

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    CelicaSupra.com Member Ayocab's Avatar
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    Canary Islands, Spain
    please, shipping costs to Spain...

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    Give me a couple of days and I'll estimate that for you...won't be 100% accurate but will be really close. I'm assuming you're the only one in Spain that would need one? If you found another person you'd be able to split shipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaptorRacing View Post
    Give me a couple of days and I'll estimate that for you...won't be 100% accurate but will be really close. I'm assuming you're the only one in Spain that would need one? If you found another person you'd be able to split shipping.
    thanks to Wiry for the heads up on toymods.

    Get paid end of this week and will send my $$s then.
    Dont know of anyone else near me ordering one also.
    rollin down the strip on vogues
    comin up slammin cadillac doors

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    Do you take a money order?

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    I do...there is link under my sig with my mailing address. For now you can just send $180 and the rest will be due on delivery.

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    CelicaSupra.com Member Mercy's Avatar
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    Sydney, Australia
    Thanks also to Wiry for the reminder.

    Just paid for one hatch seal + shipping to Australia.

    I'm in New South Wales and if any other NSW people want to save on shipping they're welcome to have their seal shipped with mine.
    - phoebe

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