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    Been thinking about this one myself, and for all of the positives stated. I also don't like GM engines, but this May work, bang for the buck. Do a price rundown on parts first, and share it with the group.
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    so far i found that the cpi motor is 600 to 850 and its a 195-200hp motor with like 250ftlb of torque the tbi motor is 500 to 700ish with 170-185hp and 200ftlb of torque the higher prices are with ecu and harness. i might try the cpi motor for baseline hp numbers close to the 7m and build form there.
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    This may be helpful.
    Not a lot of front sump pans.The 401" Buick engine is not too fat,but the wrong sump location.

    I swapped a 300 " I-6 truck engine in a '61 Ford Falcon and had to push the fire wall back with a bumper jack.
    The shock towers were in the way,so I made a '37 Plymouth beam axle (with leaf springs ) to fit.
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    I learned to arc weld in high school:Smoke weed at lunch and burn 6011 rod @ 180 amps for fun.

    Damn kids!!!! I was 19.
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    Man this is a interesting swap to me
    i was thinking about swapping a Chevy LFX V6 w/6-speed transmission out of a 2012-2015 Camaro
    they are 60 degree V6 motors - if you could get it to work you would have a modern motor with 323 factory HP.
    the aluminium block is quite a bit lighter as well, (345 vs 436 lbs) which would help move the centre of gravity back a bit.
    more power, better gas mileage, higher output alternator - what's not to love ?

    if i recall correctly the engine transmission should fit.

    But i would assume there would be a fair amount of wiring to get things working.

    all i need now is the time, motivation and money to do it.
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