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    Nobody has received anything as nothing has shipped. Phase 1 and Phase 2 ship at the same time even for those only ordering Phase 1.

    Post #61 on August 8th explains that I was hoping to ship these out in September but that was a loose timeline. Production of the phase 1 units has finished, it will take another 7-10 days to get my USA address. Please note...that doesn't mean these are shipping in 10 days....please re-read post #61 so you understand what it takes to ship these out and you know why there could be a delay.

    I will be very detailed and very specific when these are shipping. Not sure why some thoughts these shipped and they need to look out for them. These are very expensive products and it will be VERY black and white when they ship.

    Yes Moozi 1 set was ordered without drilling.

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    [OPEN] Raptor Racing Big Brake Kit Group Buy Phase 1

    Sorry to be a pain in the backside. Just wanted to know what's happening. Not in a hurry for them anyway, the car is no where near complete.

    Thanks for the info.

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    No need to be sorry at all...I'm here to answer any question if things aren't at all clear.

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    So i read some talk about parts shipping in the phase 2 bbk. Anyways does that mean that the Adapters are shipping too?


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    Hey Leon;

    please email me in the future, I didn't even notice this. I'll look into this but when you get this PLEASE send me an email asap.

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