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    shes alive!.

    I Know Its Been Awhile, But Since The Last Time I've Been On Here I Got My 84 Running And Driving After Sitting For Five Years.Its very Far From Perfect, But At Least I Have A running Motor. From A Cold Start She Bogs A Little Bit But After After A Minute Idles Fine. New Thermostat so We Didn't Overheat, Fresh Oil, That Still Needs To Be Drained Again And A New Filter. It Seems The Oil Pressure Guage Is Bad, No Pressure No Oil Light. But I Don't Think I Have Any Pressure Issues Seeing As How It Idles Smooth And Revs Up To 6 G No Problem. No Burning Smell From Motor While Running Besides The 5 Year Old Belt Burning Away.. Lol But I'm Planning A Motor Swap Into A Good 86 Body I Have Laying Around Because The Passenger Strut Tower And Inner Fender Wall (Like Where The Fender Mounts By The Hood) Is All F.u.b.a.r. Other Problems With The Running One The Linkage Is Loose As Hell... Like Its In Gear And It Swings Like Its In Neutral.. Hope To Have Pics Soon!
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    congratulations Man on getting her running again. If your oil preasure Is not gauge is not working I would check to see if the oil sender is plugged in and if it is Its most likely bad my supra had that problem too,replaced my sender and it worked.
    1985 toyota supra
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    Thanks Man Yea That's Next On My List, Other Than That She Runs Great, Gotta Put The Motor In A Good Shell I Have Too. One Step At A Time. And Thanks For The Advice, I Must Have some Pressure Seeing As How She Didn't Seize Up And Ran Great. Where Can You Get an Oil Sender? Any Parts Store? Or Off My Parts Car
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    Try the sending unit from your parts car and hopefully that will take care of your gauge issue. Grab Billy M's ShiftGasm kit. It makes a new shifter seem loose by comparison. Very highly recommended.
    Yeah, I once had an SS396 with a Saginaw transmission and shifter. Three weeks was all I could stand! 3rd gear was somewhere between the ashtray and the glove box and if you tried to be careful about it, forget it. The only thing that sometimes worked was to not look and kind of throw that piece of crap shifter towards the passenger window which is where it and the trans should have been thrown. Compared to a Muncie with a Hurst Competition Plus, it was like having a piece of rope for a shifter. The only surprise was when you actually managed to find the gear you intended.
    In your case, a surprise is exactly what you don't want to happen.
    To really make your trans happy, drain it when you do the Shiftgasm kit and refill it with Red Line MT90. It'll make your trans shift like butter. And you can add the fluid through the shifter hole before you reinstall the shifter. You will still verify the proper level via the side plug but you won't have to go through the BS of trying to add the fluid through there.
    Welcome back!

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    Awesome! And Yes Was Definitely Gonna Pick Up The Shiftgasm Kit After The Swap Before Its All Done. Thanks For The Advice! Much Appreciated!
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    Have made some progress, got a garage spot, both drivetrains pulled, both shells disassembled (mostly) been hard getting time to put it all back together, but soon..
    Btw, this is an old pic before I pulled the motor, when the garage was much, much cleaner
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