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    The gap in security your browser is pointing out is common on most sites, but Google, firefox and IE has decided to start highlighting it now. It's telling you that the site is vulnerable to a MIM attack (or Man in the Middle), where someone intercepts what you are typing on the site. Since everything you type here is view-able to all, this has never been a thing that made sense to protect against. As long as you aren't typing your password into a thread in plain text, or your bank info, this doesn't affect you.

    All that said, we are going to be upgrading all of our network over the coming months to HTTPS to make our pages secure.

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    Thanks for your prompt reply. Good to hear that you will be upgrading soon.

    This site has been the same way it's levels of security for a long time,but now Google and others have decided to flag all http sites with that warning.

    We will continue to use this site with confidence while just being careful,as always.
    It's not a good idea to post your email address or your phone number on ANY site,anyway.

    I get a BIG warning when I go to Pandora on Chrome,not so much here.It's a good idea to have a few extra browsers,anyway.

    Bottom line: NOT TO WORRY.
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