[OPEN] Advan Carbon Fiber MK2 Hatch Group Buy

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    [OPEN] Advan Carbon Fiber MK2 Hatch Group Buy

    NAME: Raptor Racing
    EMAIL: [email protected] (BEST way to contact me)
    LOCATION: US orders shipping from NY. International Please email me for shipping Information

    ITEM: Advan Carbon Fiber MK2 Hatch
    GROUP BUY START DATE: June 15, 2015
    GROUP BUY END DATE: June 30, 2015

    Kit Details

    All the details you'll need are in the specific link's here

    In order for this group buy to go through we’ll need to sell 30 hatches. If this doesn’t happen I will refund everyone’s money. This will probably be one of the only times we will be able to get a hatch made, if we can’t get the numbers here then likely nobody else will take us serious.

    Ordering and Payment Information

    All orders must go through the website linked above, all pricing is in USD. The price you pay does not include shipping, we don’t have shipping quotes but for Continental USA bank for $200 even though it should be cheaper. Shipping Invoices will be sent out when it’s time to ship. All orders are will be on a first pay first ship basis.

    There are 100% NO refunds, this is a HUGE project that takes a LOT of money to make it work. IF you have something that comes then it’s up to you to sell your hatch privately. We will not be able to entertain any requests for refunds…once the order goes in it’s in.

    Canadian Customers pay sales tax calculated Automatically by the shopping cart on the site….there are some glitches with the site and some Canadians aren’t charged tax. You will be asked to send that prior to shipping. There is NO tax for US Customers.

    Canadian Shipping rates are too difficult to determine. We can do what we did last time and ship them all to Buffalo and get them from there and ship from Toronto. If US Shipping is $200/hatch then Canadians need to expect to pay at least double that. You know that I will do everything I can to make it a LOT less but we really have no way of accurately guessing.


    Advan approached me today and advised that we have a VERY short window to get this done, that is why there was no warning. Material pricing goes up 5-8% in July and they have very large and time consuming project then too. So folks it’s now or next year some time.

    Advan has said that if they get payment VERY soon then they can go through a production run by the end of July. If it takes us longer to get the numbers then there will be delays for sure, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

    June 16th Update

    Ok folks, I've had 24hrs to ponder how to help get this going as I know it's an impossible mission but I really want to see this done so here is a small update:

    • First 17 paid get a free hatch decal in the color of their choice. After 17 paid each customer who needs a sticker will have to order it off the site. I know it's not much but it's something.
    • After I have 17 people who have paid in full I will allow people to send in $300 by the deadline and they will have to send $540+ shipping when these are ready to ship. Yes it's more than $799 but I'll have to front a lot of the money for people that choose this option. For those that have already paid you can still do this...just remember: if I don't get 17 hatches paid in FULL this will NOT happen now and I myself will never attempt this for a LONG time.
    • Disclaimer for the above: If you do not send in the remainder when I need this means you are forcing me to pay for it. The fees to get your hatch will increase dramatically so please considering this option carefully. I'm offering this as I know the timelines are tight and I'm trying to help. That being said I can not be stuck paying while people try to gather the funds.

      As always any questions just let me know!!

    Payments and Drilling Options Selected (Keyhole/Wiper Arm/Washer Jet)

    1. Raptor Racing (Canada)
    2. Gamble A. (N/N/N) **DELIVERED**
    3-4 Chadrick L. (Y/N/N) **DELIVERED**
    5. Steve T. (Canada) (Y/Y/Y)
    6. James M. (Y/N/N) **DELIVERED**
    7. Leon W. (Y/N/N) **SHIPPED**
    8. Travis J. (N/N/N) **DELIVERED**
    9. Don L. (Y/N/N) **DELIVERED**
    10. Raj S. (Canada) (Y/N/N)
    11. Dan D. (Y/Y/N) **DELIVERED**
    12. Kit P. (N/N/N) **DELIVERED**
    13. Timothy M. (Y/Y/N) **DELIVERED**
    14. Patrick B. (Canada) (Y/N/N)
    15. Dean L (Canada) (Y/N/N)
    16. Paul C. (Y/N/N)**DELIVERED**
    17-18. David H. (Y/Y/Y) **DELIVERED**
    19. Lucas G **Partial Payment** (Y/N/N) **DELIVERED**
    20. Joshua C. **Partial Payment** (Y/N/N) **PICKED UP**
    21. Anthony G **Product Tester** (Y/N/N) **PICKED UP**
    22. Robert B. (N/N/N) **DELIVERED**
    23. Cam W. (N/N/N) **DELIVERED**
    24. Robert H (N/N/N) **SHIPPED**
    25. Nathaniel S. (Y/N/N) **SHIPPED**
    26. Tim S. (Y/Y/Y) **DELIVERED**
    27. Evan K. (Y/Y/Y) **DELIVERED**
    28. Brian G.(Y/N/N) (N/N/N)
    29. William M. (N/N/N) **SHIPPED**
    30. Carlos R. (N/Y/N) **SHIPPED**
    31. Steve M. (Y/Y/N)
    32. James K. **Custom Maroon Paint *(N/N/N) **SHIPPED**
    33. Mike B.
    34. James M
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    CelicaSupra.com Member eightsixxmkII's Avatar
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    George, on the site it says $799.00. I thought, half now, half later when group buy is coming to an end? Can we exceed 30? Or is 30 the maximum limit?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RaptorRacing View Post

    We are expecting a much faster turn around so unfortunately won't be able to entertain smaller deposit requests. Full payment is required as I have to give Advan the funds asap.

    30 orders minimum.

    I hope everybody realizes this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thanks George.
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    CelicaSupra.com Member gamble's Avatar
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    Order for 1 has been placed.
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    Ordered two. Hope we can get to the minimum! A weird shipping charge was added that I am sure will be factored later. Good luck George.
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    POTATO Tanya's Avatar
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    Wow that's crappy. 2 weeks to get 30 orders filled. I won't have money to spare like that until July 6th or so. Good luck guys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eightsixxmkII View Post
    George, on the site it says $799.00. I thought, half now, half later when group buy is coming to an end? Can we exceed 30? Or is 30 the maximum limit?
    As stated in the first post, if we don't get the order in before July pricing will jump up to about $850 so I need all the funds up front. I didn't want to advertise this but I will consider taking 50% deposits on a case by base basis. You need the REALLY need this option as if everyone wants this option this group buy will NOT happen. This also means that I'm fronting the money so I will have to add a couple % service charge and the no refund policy still applies. If you send me half and then realize you don't want this then it's up to you to sell your part.

    Quote Originally Posted by gamble View Post
    Order for 1 has been placed.
    Payment received.

    Quote Originally Posted by CLToy View Post
    Ordered two. Hope we can get to the minimum! A weird shipping charge was added that I am sure will be factored later. Good luck George.
    Yeah I put the weight of the hood at 1lb so it charged a shipping fee, I will deduct that from your shipping total for both you and Gamble when the time comes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tanya View Post
    Wow that's crappy. 2 weeks to get 30 orders filled. I won't have money to spare like that until July 6th or so. Good luck guys.
    T...I know it's crap but I have been warning people since November that this has been coming so was hoping that those that really wanted it were saving their pennies. As stated above, if you or someone really wants in but can't afford to send all the money please contact me off and I'm sure we can work something out. I REALLY want this to happen and will do what I can to do so....unfortunately material cost increases and production timelines are totally out of my control.

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    I've wanted one of these since this was attempted about two years ago, had cash in hand ready to go then. I'm between jobs right now and can't commit 100% on such short notice, but if I am gainfully employed by the end of the month I'll definitely jump in on this.

    Also, would local pickup be an option? NY isn't far from me.
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    These are built by Advan which is in California...NY is my US shipping address for everything coming to Canada so for US customers the only way to pick up is from California.

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    Payment sent.
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