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  1. #21 Member TRD 83 SUPRA XX's Avatar
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    Put me down for one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsdeo View Post
    I'm in for a sunroof panel.

    It would also be nice to see...

    1. Flares, stock size in front and larger for the rear. All four without the relief for the body side molding.
    2. Doors with window frames.
    3. Header panels.
    4. Gas cap covers.
    5. Front fenders.
    6. Windshield cowl/wiper rest.
    7. Rocker panel trim.
    8. Low profile headlight refit for lights that aren't hidden.
    Hey Raj...suggestions are always welcome...I'll give my opions on them. Keep in mind these are my thoughts and opinions, doesn't make it right or wrong:

    Flares: unless someone wanted to pay for the R&D would be difficult in my opinion. Is there a shortage of flares that we're worried about? Not something I'd be into doing as personally I don't see us getting the numbers.
    Door with window frame: awesome idea...100% impossible with this vehicle
    Header Panel:'s "on my list"
    Gas Cap Covers:'s "on my list"
    Front Fenders:'s "on my list"
    Windshield Cowl:'s "on my list"
    Rocker Panel Trim/Body Side Molding:'s "on my list". I've actually been working on this for years but finding a manufacturer who can build what I want in the quantities I want is a challange
    Low Profile Headlight: again...not something I think we "NEED". Not saying it's a bad idea buy most of my future efforts will cater to needs and not wants as that's the only way to maximize group participation

    Quote Originally Posted by '82supra View Post
    How about a "dry" carbon fiber insert/overlay? Probably add only 500 grams

    Could also be made in one piece with composite rubber trim, mould a venturi-vent and delete sunroof motor

    It'd be a fun project, but I have a hard-top
    I love my sunroof so this will have to be someone else's project

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    I would definitely be in on this

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  6. #24 Member Deanfun's Avatar
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    Finally one I won't be getting in on... nice work George.
    Dean L.
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    2007 Lexus LX470

  7. #25 Member supra_toy's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by RaptorRacing View Post
    I tried to get this done through the same supplier that made the rear hatch seals, but the sunroof seal is a lot more complicated (because of the metal insert) therefore will be a lot more expensive. Considering the amount of people that would likely buy this seal it would actually end up cost a LOT more than the CF sunroof panel as I'd need to make 100 of them at the bare minimum. The hatch seal project for me was not successful, I'm still in the red on that one and it's been a couple of years since produced.

    I've said it i the past, the only way projects like this will happen is when people are starting to get desperate and we're not at that stage now, I figured it's at least another 10 years till we get there as then those who still have the car in 10 years REALLY want it and will pay what it takes to keep it on the road. Till then nobody is going to pay the same price for a sunroof seal as another guy is paying for a whole car.

    So yeah...the answer is no. I saw how fast parts were getting discontinued and purchased a new one from Mark before they were gone and hoping a lot of you did something similar.
    Out of curiosity does anyone (besides George at Raptor racing) even have this seal? I know you were hoping that others bought these seals before they were discontinued but I'm willing to bet there isn't more than a handful of these seals (NOS) in existence...


  8. #26 Member mcdade7's Avatar
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    I have two of these seals in OE packaging

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    Smart man...I have 2 of a lot of the seals. In case I do something stupid and buy another MK2 one day ...

  10. #28 Member SupraFiend's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by '82supra View Post
    How about a "dry" carbon fiber insert/overlay? Probably add only 500 grams
    I think you're missing the point. Most people will be painting theirs, these could easily be FG, the point is to get a replacement that won't rust. But advan only likes to work in CF so CF it is.

    Most people with "rust free" sunroofs would probably be disappointed to find out that theirs probably has rust just starting on it between the 2 pieces where the spot welds are, and also in the parts where there is absolutely no paint. Everyone with a sunroof car should grab one of these IMO.

    Way to go George. I can't even refurbish the OEM sunroofs economically at that price, great deal. I did do one of my refurbed sunroofs for my own car though so I won't be in on this buy but it should be a huge success regardless.

    And Deafun wasn't being facetious, he has an actual moon roof on his car
    Black 86 mk2 Project Car
    New SDR 86 mk2 Daily User, Highway Cruiser AND Parking Lot Abuser in the works!

  11. #29 Member suprafastcelica's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcdade7 View Post
    I have two of these seals in OE packaging
    Me too
    85 celica xx 7m turbo with a shit load of mods.
    06 Lexus IS350 RWD. 306HP!

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    For what it's worth if anyone has any NOS of these that they don't need anymore fire me off a PM. I figure I'll need to start having some of these in a central location if we're going to have a better chance of getting this done.

    Can someone who hasn't voted please let me know if the poll is still open or closed?

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