[OPEN] Advan Carbon Fiber MK2 Sunroof Panel

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    [OPEN] Advan Carbon Fiber MK2 Sunroof Panel

    NAME: Raptor Racing
    EMAIL: [email protected] (BEST way to contact me)
    LOCATION: US orders shipping from Advan. Canadian Orders Shipping from Toronto. International Please email me for shipping Information

    ITEM: Advan Carbon Fiber MK2 Sunroof Panel
    GROUP BUY START DATE: Thursday December 17, 2015
    GROUP BUY END DATE: Friday January 29, 2016
    QUANTITY REQUIRED: Need 22 Sold or All funds get returned. That's 22 Paid in Full, 1/2 payments count as 1/2 orders.

    Kit Details

    All the details you'll need are in the specific link's here


    Option 1: $350 - Paid for the Panel in Full & Shipping to be paid Later
    Option 2: $195 - Deposit. $155 + Shipping Due prior to shipping

    Ordering and Payment Information

    All orders must go through the website linked above, all pricing is in USD. The price you pay does not include shipping, we don’t have shipping quotes but for Continental USA bank on about $30. Canadian orders will ship from Canada and be roughly the same price. These details will be worked out later.

    There are 100% NO refunds, this is a HUGE project that takes a LOT of money to make it work. IF you have something that comes then it’s up to you to sell your hatch privately. We will not be able to entertain any requests for refunds…once the order goes in it’s in.

    Canadian Customers pay sales tax calculated Automatically by the shopping cart on the site….there are some glitches with the site and some Canadians aren’t charged tax. You will be asked to send that prior to shipping. There is NO tax for US Customers (except CA Residents)

    I know the timing is horrible, but I’m not sure there is ever good timing. I’m allowing once again the option to pay for now, plus shipping before it ships out. Please note, if you chose this option and fail to pay when you are required to pay you forfeit your deposit. Please note there is a $20 fee for choosing this option, this is a LOT more work and also increases our risk so really encourage customers to try to pay in full. If everyone pays via deposit only we’ll need a lot more than 22 sold so please try to only use this option if you need it.


    Advan has advised they can start this late January roughly, what that means in terms of production and when they will ship is not something I can confirm. Please note, as with the hoods and hatches…Advan is doing us a HUGE favor building these. So if the group buy goes through it will take a few months to ship everyone out. Orders will be shipped out on a first pay first ship bases with Canadians as always getting their products after all US orders have shipped.

    As always any questions just let me know!!

    PLEASE help spread the word without 22 sold this will not happen now.


    1. Raptor Racing - Paid in Full -RECEIVED
    2. Paul C. - Paid in Full -Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    3. Tim S - Paid in Full - - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    4. Tim M. - Paid in Full - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    5. Rsdeo - Paid in Full - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    6. Joshua C - Paid in Full -RECEIVED
    7. Tanya R - 1/2 Payment
    8. Keith N - Paid in Full - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    9. Scott P - Paid in Full - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    10. Daan S - Paid in Full -RECEIVED
    11. Yasmany A - Paid in Full - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    12. Matthew P - Paid in Full - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    13. Frank C - 1/2 Payment
    14. Jesus L - Paid in Full - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    15. Jeffrey L - Paid in Full - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    16. Dan D - Paid in Full - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    17. Mike R - Paid in Full - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    18. Katelin B - Paid in Full - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    19. Jim K - Paid in Full - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    20. Bienvenido M - Paid in Full - - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    21. David H - Paid in Full - - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    22. Arthur V - Paid in Full - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    23. Jeff S - Paid in Full - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    24. Even K - Paid in Full - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    25. Jeff T - Paid in Full -RECEIVED
    26. Jesse B - Paid in Full - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
    27. Corey C - Paid in Ful - Shipping Paid -RECEIVED
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    CelicaSupra.com Member PCope's Avatar
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    Atlanta, GA
    Hell yeah! Bought! I've been looking forward to this. Thanks George!

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    I'm in!

    Thanks George!

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    CelicaSupra.com Member eightsixxmkII's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    Will get the money after the holiday! Glad it ends at the end of January. Gives me some time. Glad this is happening.
    85 P: 5mge
    86 P Super Deep Red (Cali Car):7mgte/w58.
    98 4runner Sr5: Daily driver. Parts/dead car hauler.

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    CelicaSupra.com Member
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    I'm in
    Hidden Content

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    CelicaSupra.com Member dshif's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    Rome, GA
    You make me wish I had a sunroof lol. It's good you got it together for everyone.

    85 Supra Black 5spd 5MGE w/Black Leather
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    CelicaSupra.com Member MrBubbles00482's Avatar
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    Txk, AR
    I'll be dropping my half payment on Christmas Day
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    MECP advanced autotech

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    CelicaSupra.com Member Funkycheeze's Avatar
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    Yeah, no sunroof on my car. Good luck getting 22!
    '84 P-type, 5spd, Super red, black/grey leather - 2JZGTE swap, Precision 6262 on cast manifold, ECUmaster black with 875cc/min injectors, 465 WHP at 17 psi, built R154 with OS Giken twin plate, one piece driveshaft with 1310 joints, Truetrac with 3.73 R&P, 450 lb/in front coilovers, 300lb/in rear springs, Image BBM wheels 17x8 and 18x10, 4 corner BBK, AGX shocks, Whiteline bars, poly bushings, T3 GTX2 front control and steering arms etc. etc.

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    Supra since '86 rsdeo's Avatar
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    Both my cars have rust free sunroofs and have a spare that is rust free too.

    That said I'm in. Carbon won't ever rust and supporting another group buy.

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    CelicaSupra.com Member
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    Oct 2013
    George. Would it be ok if I order and pick mine up locally when it is ready?


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