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When I purchased it from the original owner 8 years ago, it had 55,000 miles. Now it has 60,000 miles on the odometer. It is completely original, with the exception of the stereo. I would like to rebuild an original stereo and make it Bluetooth compatible. I absolutely love this car!
I recently got into an accident and finding parts for this car is near impossible at this point all I can do is find them off junked Supra’s if anyone has a hood, driver side front blinker lens, bumper and well you see the parts I need with the pictures
on display at Toyota Plant
interior plastic light lens, i have the middle piece of the three piece parade boot....looking for the side pieces
Acquired 2/23/2020 from Miami, FL Parked for 2 years Pros: Almost entirely rust free body, complete engine bay, mostly complete interior, crack free dashboard, 3/4 original floormats Cons: Bad starter, bad master cylinder, noisy exhaust, faded paint on top of car, broken sunroof cables...
New batch of rear covers refinished.
1982 Celica Supra L-type
my little winter beater in montana keeps things interesting