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  1. General Tech Q&A
    My throttle position sensor is no longer getting power, and I cant find a fuse or relay for it? Does it even have a fuse/relay? Or would it be one for the ECU? I checked both the main fuse box under the hood and the one inside car under the steering wheel, and all the fuses are good. And if the...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    I just bought my first project car, a 1982 Celica Supra MkII and I'm looking for any advice/tips on what should be addressed. The car has been sitting untouched for five years. Aside from a whole load of bodywork and a paint job, I don't have much clue about what I'm doing. But I am good with my...
  3. Wanted
    i need what is in the title plus door locks and trunk locks (the part where you insert the key... and a key that fits them please !!!!! the previous owner jacked up the combination switch and uses an ignition that isnt in the combination switch the ignition just hangs out of the dash .....i...
  4. eBAY Auctions / Craigslist Ads
    i'm selling my 1982 supra. check it out:
  5. Cars For Sale
    My Supra, also my first car, caught fire because a dumbass driver (me) didn't secure the battery so it slid into the Radiator upon a sharp left turn. Engine is gone along with all reservoirs. Still have Engine Block, Transmission, Drive-line, etc. Interior was never nice, but I finally got the...
1-5 of 5 Results