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    What do a pastor's mother (I swear!), you guys, and now me all have in common? This beautiful work of art you see here. '83 P-Type. It's an automatic yes, but this little beast isn't tired yet. Cruises like a dream on rails. Not bad for $1100. (Snow tires included) Now I just have to figure out
  3. WTB Alternator for my 83

    If anyone has an alternator or knows of a good site where i can get one just let me know thanks alot
  4. 1983 Supra Parts Car

    Cars For Sale
    Red and Black 83 Supra, wrecked front end but with many useable parts inside. Good tires, interior black and leather, has new outer door handles and ignitor. Body parts usable from the sides and back only. Make me an offer! Not selling parts individually. Please email me if you are interested (I...
  5. 5m-ge water leak

    Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    hey. I have a 1983 supra p-type. the other day it started leaking water from somewhere on the driver side of the engine. I've spent the last 2 days trying to trace it without dismantling that side of the engine. I cant see anything from above because the intake is in the way and I cant see...