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  1. Need a 1984 celica supra boot mk2.

    Hey, I'm looking for a 1984 mk2 boot/hatch in victoria, aus, It would be preferable if it was in white. If anyone has one, or knows where i can get one from can you let me know, also whats the going rate for this sort of part? Thanks for your help. Tom.
  2. need help finding parts!

    Celica Supra Build Up / Restoration
    hey guys im a new kid to this website and not sure where to post this but i have recently got myself an 84 supra. runs great no mechanical problems(anymore) but now im in need of some body parts, the previous owner wrecked it and left me to find the parts ive looked at all the local pay and pull...
  3. Black '84 Supra L-Type, Digital Dash, Auto

    Cars For Sale
    Black '84 Toyota Supra 5MGE MkII, L-type w/Digital Dash. 169k. Borg Warner Auto Trans w/overdrive. Clean Title in hand. Current Reg, all dmv fees paid, tags good till Aug 2010. Extensive documentation, 2nd owner bought used from Alexandria Toyota, VA in Nov 1990 with reciept. 15k/70k/90k/160k...