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  1. 1UZ-FE/V8/Other Swaps
    Hello other not boring people lol I have a 1uz id like to swap into my 1985 supra heres what i need help with, if I buy a quantum auto, w58 to auto bellhousing from the ls400 what clutch and flywheel should I go with to make sure it reaches my output shaft? Im worried with the adapter plater...
  2. 1UZ-FE/V8/Other Swaps
    Hi all, I'm new to the forums here. I picked up a 1982 L-Type with a blown 5M-GE (Parts of the block are blown off). I'm in the middle of rebuilding the W58 and was looking between a few options for engines. I was thinking about either a 1JZ or a 1UZ and I found a really good deal on a 1UZ. I...
  3. 1UZ-FE/V8/Other Swaps
    yup, like the title says. i bought the car for 600. this is what has been done so far: motor mounts 1uz auto bellhousing adapter plate to mk3 w58 mk3 w58 with auto trans x member new stock fuel pump attempting wire tuck Looking at getting: 2 holset h1's megasquirt/edis driveshaft clutch...
1-3 of 3 Results