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  1. Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    Hi there, I'm trying to use 2jz-ge pistons in mitsubishi 4g63 block (cast ir), I need help about some problems. 1. 2jz-ge manual says that standard oil clearance (piston to wall clearance) is 0.073 - 0.096 mm (0.0029 - 0.0038 in.), Why 2jz-ge piston to wall clearance is such a loose comparing...
  2. 1JZ/2JZ - GE & GTE swaps
    Did a 2jzge swap [donor car was a 1994 SC300 with an Auto transmission] in to my 1985 Celica Supra with a 5spd transmission, plan on doing a write up on that experience later. My issue is while driving, the car won't go past 4,000 rpms. From what I understand I need to get 12 volts from the...
  3. 1JZ/2JZ - GE & GTE swaps
    Hey guys, Its been a while. I have been doing plenty of work on MK2 supra as always, but not much on my own car as of late. I sold my 1UZ-FE auto swap, and my 7MGTE swap needs some work to get back on the road. Instead of fixing it up, I'm going to put all the knowledge I have gained from doing...
  4. 1JZ/2JZ - GE & GTE swaps
    Hey everyone, I just finished up my 2jz swap into my ‘80 and figured I should make a post for future swappers. I started with a 4ME Auto 1980 Supra, MA46. 2JZ is GE non-vvti out of a 93 sc300. For this swap you need a front sump pan. Transmission is a W58 out of a mk3 supra, using a ebay...
  5. Introduce Yourself
    Hey everyone! My names Carson Hall, 19 yo, from Denver, CO. I own a MA46 and MA70. March 2020, I bought my MA46 for $1000, running and driving. Drove it for a few months until the 4ME started needing parts that were too hard to find. Yanked it out and stuffed in a 2jzge with a w58. I’ll be...
  6. Parts For Sale
    Hello I own a MK4, I wanted to hear your opinion, because I wanted to buy myself an intercooler. which one do you recommend for brands or sizes?
  7. Brakes & Suspension
    Hi all - new to forum SYD, AUS based. Have a 1982 Celica Supra 2JZGTE swapped, seeking registration in NSW. Noting this topic has been done many times, but the updates are all from like 2010 and pictures are all gone. Registration requires me to upgrade the brakes to an 'equivalent' power...
  8. 1JZ/2JZ - GE & GTE swaps
    can a tranny of a 5mge fit on a 2jz ? ... what other parts are compatable ? anything at all ?:naughty:
  9. eBAY Auctions / Craigslist Ads
    Here is something I found while searching craigslist... If only this had been late last year there is no turning back on my build now haha. Here is the link
  10. 1JZ/2JZ - GE & GTE swaps
    hey, I am new to the forum. i need some info about how to govern the speed of 2jzge. i am planning on using the engine for a genset and i need to govern the speed to 1450 rpm (idle or under load) is there any way the ecu could be mapped to maintain that speed? i am avoiding the mechanical...
1-10 of 10 Results