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  1. Discord

    General Chat
    Greetings fellow Supra owners! My friends and I have created a Celica Supra/Supra owner's club. I have an invite link to anyone that's interested in joining, and/or downloading the app, and joining from there. We understood there's many Supra groups on the internet, however we thought it would...
  2. 1986 P-type auto

    1986 P-type auto

    Acquired 2/23/2020 from Miami, FL Parked for 2 years Pros: Almost entirely rust free body, complete engine bay, mostly complete interior, crack free dashboard, 3/4 original floormats Cons: Bad starter, bad master cylinder, noisy exhaust, faded paint on top of car, broken sunroof cables...
  3. i need some advice .....

    Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    ok so i have an old 82 l style that is in pretty bad shape ... i want to put some money into it but i was wondering if i should get a 7m swap or keep my 5m Problems with 5m are : Head gasket (in progress of replacing ), Burnt hoses have to get new , and the fuel system which i will replace (in...
  4. 5mge to 7mge compatability ?

    5MGTE/6MGTE/7MGTE - turbo forum
    If i wanted to sawp my 5m for a 7m would everything bolt right up to it or would i need a few different parts.:eek4dance:
  5. 5m to 2jz Compatability ?

    1JZ/2JZ - GE & GTE swaps
    can a tranny of a 5mge fit on a 2jz ? ... what other parts are compatable ? anything at all ?:naughty:
  6. Any supra owners in vegas ?!?!

    General Chat
    it would be cool if we could have a meet or just hook up with eachother for trading parts and etc ..... post on here if your a vegas member !!!!
  7. Fixed my not running issue but now my engine pops(also has a video)

    Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    it is also burning coolant but in this video it didnt really burn so maybe i spilled some ... idk but mainly the damn noise is driving me crazy ....
  8. 5mge stopped running(has video)

    Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    can someone help me find out what this is ?.... ok well so this is my first car it was running but had an overheat problem, there wasnt a thermostat installed... (previous owner was a retard..) so we flushed the radiator and installed a thermostat while we cleaned it (the car sat for 6 and a...
  9. Please i need urgent help

    Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    ok so my 82 supra is kinda crappy and old ....... today we discovered that the timing is off... we have a gun to read the timing but how do we get the gears to function at the same time.... i do have some knowledge about cars but if you could please explain in a semi newb way so i can understand...
  10. Just bought an 82 celicasupra !!!!!

    Introduce Yourself
    YES HAHA MY FIRST CAR !!! although right now its a big piece of junk right now when i put some money into it it will be a beast (5mge by the way) !!!!:thumbsup: haha heres the list of problems ! lol 1. the key doesnt work in the doors, only the ignition 2. the driver side door doesnt open from...
  11. 5m-ge rocker arms missing

    Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    i just bought a 1983 celica supra, the body and frame are mint but the engine was having some problems. i got the car for a deal and i figured i could fix all the mechanical myself. i did a compression check and the results were very odd and now i have removed the valve covers and have noticed...
  12. transmission problems..

    General Tech Q&A
    i was leaving school on a very sunny day, i was cruising home when i noticed that the clutch was sticking when i would eccelerate, (only when i go over 3 RPM)any clues on how i might fix this problem? Manual Trans
  13. SoCal: 5M-GE HKS turbo kit, JE pistons, 7M-GE block

    Parts For Sale
    All the stuff for sale, prices at the bottom. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with...
  14. wtb good 5m oil pan!!

    i need a 5m oil pan for my 7m engine to fit in my car..... it needs to be in good shape, no dents or bends plz... paint wise idc what it looks like, as long as its no big deep rust spots... also if anyone has a new 5m oil pump, or one that hasnt been used much, i need that also..thanks..... pm...
  15. 5mge smoking engine

    General Tech Q&A
    i strarted my car up today and went to look under the hood when i realized white smoke(did not smell good) coming from the front hook to pull the engine by the timing cover i cant tell if it is from the cam cover or exhaust manifold but the has power it idles fine does not over heat...
  16. 83 Supra looking to upgrade need help.

    Celica Supra Build Up / Restoration
    This is my second supra my first was an 84 with the 5mge, 5 speed manual. I put a cold air intake on it and put lowering springs on it. But I had to sell it and I was devastated. So I tracked this one down and I'm not getting rid of it. So I need help and some ideas about what to do first...
  17. 5mge bad idle and no power

    Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    Hey guys i got a 1983 supra and the motor is running like it has a giant vacume leek, but i've searched for hours and found no problem with any vacum system. I've looked at th mass air flow sensor and throttle body, and the both opening and closing smoothly. I've had a few mechanics look at it...
  18. problems changing timing belt

    Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    can not get the lower timing cover off because i cant get the crank shaft pully off the bolt is it a normal thread or reverse thread i have tried both ways with air and a breaker bar with 3 people
  19. automatic cressida engine into my manual celica supra

    General Tech Q&A
    i have an 85 celica supra m/t i pulled engine and i have a 87 cressida that also has the 5mge every thing under the hood looks the same but it is an automatic so im wondering if i can hook up my w58 transmission to the auto 5mge. im sure i would have to put the m/t flywheel on the auto 5mge i...
  20. few 5m oem parts.

    Parts For Sale
    Cody Treece 731-618-0297 (call or text) or pm me. humboldt, TN 38343 prices is without shipping. if intrested call, text or pm me for pics. i cant figure out how to get them on here still ha.:32: prices are a obo deal. reasonable offers. 5M radiator shroud, one crack when i took it off , but...