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  1. Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    I looked around a little bit and see that most people just buy 6ms already made. I found a full 7mge engine for sale and I’m planning to buy it to scavenge the rotating assembly. If I wanna make a 6m out of my 5m, is there anything else I need other than the rotating assembly and front main...
  2. FAQ
    Looking to buy a 6mge crank pulley/harmonic balancer as mine has cracked where the ac belt is held in. Located in WA but willing to pay shipping for sure. Let me know if you got anything or could help me out in locating one, I cant seem to find one anywhere. Thanks in advance!
  3. FAQ
    To help alleviate a lot of misinformation, or at least most of it, I decided I should make a thread for and about the (in)famous 6MGE. Starting with new newbiest of all newb information, JDM simply stands for Japanese Domestic Market e.g. did not come to the United States. This engine is a very...
  4. Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    I'm rebuilding my 6M and understand the differences that the 6M brings to the rest of the motor, but my question is what torque specs should I use when putting it back together? Options are: A.) Since it's a 7M crank and rods, should I use the torque specs for the 7M when putting the mains and...
  5. Parts For Sale
    6mge short block - spun main bearing. Came with my 85 when I bought it. Good candidate for a rebuild, or a core to trade for a rebuilt motor if you can find one. I'll take pictures if someone really needs to see it, but it looks like every other old motor block with some surface rust from...
1-5 of 5 Results