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  1. 6MGTE PCV baffle tray for twin cam cover venting

    5MGTE/6MGTE/7MGTE - turbo forum
    I am getting ready to mock up new lines and destroy my polished valve covers by welding AN fittings on to them for a new PCV setup. People who have welded a bung onto the passenger valve cover (that's you Donnie ;) ), what did you do for interior baffling so oil is launched off the cam dirrectly...
  2. 7m and 6m engine parts!!

    Parts For Sale
    Cody Treece cell # 731-618-0297(call or text) email- [email protected] pm me if interested!! i have some engine parts from a 87 7m and a 89 also. all prices obo!! im trying to get some unused parts out of my way. just give me a good price. all pricing is without shipping. 87...