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  1. 5MGTE/6MGTE/7MGTE - turbo forum
    Hello everyone, I am planning to do a 7M-GE/7M-GTE swap into my MK.2 Supra. But the problem is I dont even know what parts I need to get the car on the road. So far the car has no engine wiring, but has a transmission, drive shaft, and rear differential. Can anybody happen to provide part of, or...
  2. Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    This may have been asked before and I’m sure it has, but I was looking around online and have seen multiple people who claim to have ‘converted’ their 5MGE to a 7MGTE. Is this possible and if so is anyone able to give me some info on where I could look to find more information? I want to make...
  3. Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    Hi! I was planning on swapping a 7mgte into my mk2 but winters approaching and still havent found anyone in my local area with one however I do have a bottom end to a 7mgte. Has someone ever done a swap like this before? If so any troubles? and do I need a 7mgte ecu? and other stuff Id need to swap?
  4. 5MGTE/6MGTE/7MGTE - turbo forum
    So short story of my car i bought it when i was 17 painted it for my senior project in high school and i blew the motor a month after i finished painting it :( so I decided to go big power with an NA 5m build haha then i really thought about that and decided 5m wasnt going to go much of...
1-4 of 4 Results