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  1. General Tech Q&A
    Good day moderators and members alike. May I ask your help to determine what year/model of this fuse box (attached) belongs to? (found on the right hand side-kick panel; as mine was a right hand drive-MK2 CelicaSupra model). It is also appreciated if anyone could share the link to the...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    I just bought my first project car, a 1982 Celica Supra MkII and I'm looking for any advice/tips on what should be addressed. The car has been sitting untouched for five years. Aside from a whole load of bodywork and a paint job, I don't have much clue about what I'm doing. But I am good with my...
  3. General Chat
    Greetings fellow Supra owners! My friends and I have created a Celica Supra/Supra owner's club. I have an invite link to anyone that's interested in joining, and/or downloading the app, and joining from there. We understood there's many Supra groups on the internet, however we thought it would...
  4. Drivetrain
    I recently picked up a mk3 diff but after looking at it saw there was quite a bit different was trying to figure out if you can swap the internals into a mk2 4.10 case or if there is some kit I can get to just put the mk3 rear end in anything is appreciated thx
  5. Wanted
    i need what is in the title plus door locks and trunk locks (the part where you insert the key... and a key that fits them please !!!!! the previous owner jacked up the combination switch and uses an ignition that isnt in the combination switch the ignition just hangs out of the dash .....i...
  6. Introduce Yourself
    YES HAHA MY FIRST CAR !!! although right now its a big piece of junk right now when i put some money into it it will be a beast (5mge by the way) !!!!:thumbsup: haha heres the list of problems ! lol 1. the key doesnt work in the doors, only the ignition 2. the driver side door doesnt open from...
  7. Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    i just bought a 1983 celica supra, the body and frame are mint but the engine was having some problems. i got the car for a deal and i figured i could fix all the mechanical myself. i did a compression check and the results were very odd and now i have removed the valve covers and have noticed...
  8. Wanted
    If anyone has an alternator or knows of a good site where i can get one just let me know thanks alot
1-8 of 8 Results