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  1. 85 celica supra project/restoration

    Celica Supra Build Up / Restoration i have tried to post pictures of my car and it is given me a headache but my photo bucket address is there. i bought my first car in june of 09 it was a 85 p type celica supra with 180xxx and...
  2. cressida! help

    General Tech Q&A
    alright, new to this forum because i heard u guys know ur stuff, anyways as u may know a mx73 and mkll supra have many similarities so u may b able to help me, im looking so lower my car and cutting my springs works but rides like shit, so does anyone know stiffer spring i can pick up with about...
  3. automatic cressida engine into my manual celica supra

    General Tech Q&A
    i have an 85 celica supra m/t i pulled engine and i have a 87 cressida that also has the 5mge every thing under the hood looks the same but it is an automatic so im wondering if i can hook up my w58 transmission to the auto 5mge. im sure i would have to put the m/t flywheel on the auto 5mge i...