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  1. Wanted
    I’m not sure how many of you guys own cressidas or just have parts for them laying around. But someone backed into my car today and broke open my rear turn signal/taillight on the drivers side. I can’t find any drivers side ones for sale on eBay or anywhere so any help or points in the right...
  2. Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    I did some searching around and see that people put 5m headers on 6m engines and stuff but if I get a 7m header to put on my 5m, will the 02 sensor location have an effect on how my 5m will run?
  3. Interior/ICE Forum
    Hey all, I took the seats out of my car and found that there is a plug connected to the bottom of the driver seat, the passenger seat doesn’t have one. I’m just wondering if anyone knows what it could be for, the seat has no power controls or anything. Also asking about automatic seatbelts...
  4. Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    I have a Cressida with a 5mge and I’d like to make some more power, I was considering slapping on some 7mgte turbo parts, but I now have found out I can stroke my engine? Would I just need to put in a 7m crank and rods? Also just a side thought, anyone know of any good aftermarket alternators...
  5. Me

    Introduce Yourself
    How’s it goin, I recently purchased an 83 Cressida and I wanna slowly make it into a high revving tire smoking rally car. I also have some fords and an e39 530i 5 speed and a 98 k2500 6.5 5 speed. I know nothing about Toyota engine stuff so any help with my stuff is appreciated
  6. General Tech Q&A
    I've replaced the spark plugs, wires, fuel pump, and gave it a new battery. I have not replaced the fuel filter yet, but I have it. Today, i attempted to start the 86 cressida that's been off the road in FL since 2007. I cut a hole through the rusty trunk to gain access to the fuel pump...
  7. FAQ
    Looking to buy a 6mge crank pulley/harmonic balancer as mine has cracked where the ac belt is held in. Located in WA but willing to pay shipping for sure. Let me know if you got anything or could help me out in locating one, I cant seem to find one anywhere. Thanks in advance!
  8. Mk1 Specific Discussion -1979-1981
    I picked up a 79' Toyota Cressida then moved across the country and let it sit for over a year. The previous owner replaced the head gasket, put it all back together, then it wouldn't start so he sold it to me. He successfully did a hg replacement on his other 4m cressida before messing with...
  9. Celica Supra Build Up / Restoration i have tried to post pictures of my car and it is given me a headache but my photo bucket address is there. i bought my first car in june of 09 it was a 85 p type celica supra with 180xxx and...
  10. General Tech Q&A
    alright, new to this forum because i heard u guys know ur stuff, anyways as u may know a mx73 and mkll supra have many similarities so u may b able to help me, im looking so lower my car and cutting my springs works but rides like shit, so does anyone know stiffer spring i can pick up with about...
  11. General Tech Q&A
    i have an 85 celica supra m/t i pulled engine and i have a 87 cressida that also has the 5mge every thing under the hood looks the same but it is an automatic so im wondering if i can hook up my w58 transmission to the auto 5mge. im sure i would have to put the m/t flywheel on the auto 5mge i...
1-12 of 12 Results