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  1. General Tech Q&A
    So I finally got the car put together enough to drive it around for a day or so. but when pulling into my yard the other day it seemed like the throttle had got stuck open as the car started to accelerate very quickly right after i took my foot off the gas pedal turning in, when I put my foot on...
  2. Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    I recently just bought a mk2 and am pretty new to the mk2 scene. The car came with some... interesting decisions made by the previous owner. One of the bigger problems is that the previous owner said that the owner before him blew up the stock block and replaced it with a block from a 7mge...
  3. General Tech Q&A
    My throttle position sensor is no longer getting power, and I cant find a fuse or relay for it? Does it even have a fuse/relay? Or would it be one for the ECU? I checked both the main fuse box under the hood and the one inside car under the steering wheel, and all the fuses are good. And if the...
  4. 5MGTE/6MGTE/7MGTE - turbo forum
    Swapping a 7mgte into my mk2 and the final step I need is an ecu! Cant find any manual grey plug turbo ones but could find auto ones, will this have any complications in the future? And if not do I have do to anything to the ecu to get it work?
  5. Parts For Sale
    1983-85 MAF Remanufactured (Clean, OEM spec.) Part #22250-43150 197100-3060 1983-85 ECU A/T (used, working condition) Part # 89661-22050 $100 for both - shipped within North America *Please check ToyoDIY for your vehicle application:
  6. 1JZ/2JZ - GE & GTE swaps
    hey, I am new to the forum. i need some info about how to govern the speed of 2jzge. i am planning on using the engine for a genset and i need to govern the speed to 1450 rpm (idle or under load) is there any way the ecu could be mapped to maintain that speed? i am avoiding the mechanical...
1-6 of 6 Results