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  1. Interior/ICE Forum
    Question for all of you, Unfortunately my speedometer went out a little while back. Detaching the speedo cable from the transmission and spinning with a drill lead to the discovery that my odometer still works but not the speedo. I was wondering if anyone has encountered this issue before, and...
  2. General Tech Q&A
    Hey guys I need help my cluster in my 83 auto is going oil ie pressure gauge. I’m in the market for a new cluster but could I use a auto cluster 84-85 or the manual one to replace it not to sure which one to buy Don’t want to waste money on one I can’t use Please help 🥲
  3. Wanted
    Drove car w/o the 7.5 amp multi-fuse and seen a slight flash on the passenger side floor area rite before car dies completely... towed it home and I unplugged some fuses as I read that it can reset things . So now the vehicle will start and drives but not instrument panel no rpm gas gauge...
1-3 of 3 Results