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interior restoration
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  1. General Tech Q&A
    Hello, as of recently I've taken apart the cruise control and rear defrost switch so I can replace their bulbs. One of them has an orange cover and the other one has a green cover. I'd like to buy an orange bulb but I need help identifying the type of bulb used here. Much appreciated.
  2. Wanted
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has a center console arm rest with all the buttons included? Color doesn't matter so long as the arm rest isn't bulging on the sides like mine is, and the buttons are included. Also I'd prefer if the arm rest portion is the solid plastic one from a celica. Much...
  3. Restoration Talk
    I've been slowly but surely restoring my 82 celica supra, and it wouldn't be without all of the helpful advice and input ive read and received from you guys on here! I really appreciate it. Now that I'm almost done with fixing most of the small things and getting ready to install all of the...
1-3 of 3 Results