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  1. Internal swap from mk3 diff to mk2 case

    I recently picked up a mk3 diff but after looking at it saw there was quite a bit different was trying to figure out if you can swap the internals into a mk2 4.10 case or if there is some kit I can get to just put the mk3 rear end in anything is appreciated thx
  2. will a mk3 diff fit a mk2????

    Hi my name is jonathan and this is my first time posting in the forums. i have an 86 mk2 and my differential just recently went out while i was drifting. i went to the junkyard the other day and i found a Turbo MK3 differential. I was wondering if it will directly fit??? please help me with some...
  3. another 1uz mk2!

    1UZ-FE/other V8
    yup, like the title says. i bought the car for 600. this is what has been done so far: motor mounts 1uz auto bellhousing adapter plate to mk3 w58 mk3 w58 with auto trans x member new stock fuel pump attempting wire tuck Looking at getting: 2 holset h1's megasquirt/edis driveshaft clutch...