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  1. Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    Hey yall, I’ve got a 7m that needs new injectors. I’ve got most of the bolts off but theres a metal line on the right of the rail that i’m not sure how to detach. i’ve looked for threads of this and found a 13 year old video, but he doesn’t show himself removing the line. Help is appreciated as...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hello all, I just recently got a MK2 Supra that, well, lets be honest here, Needs ALOT of work! I'm new to the car scene and I've only really driven really rough daily drivers but I decided to get something nicer. At a car meet I met someone who said it would be a good idea to join these forums...
  3. Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    Hello, just bought a 1984 supra in a nice dark grey color, Very mint. Happy to be part of the supra family. However upon a few days after purchasing this car, I starting hearing a clanking from the front of the engine changing with frequency, not really pitch depending on engine rpm. Long story...
  4. General Tech Q&A
    Hi, I’m very new here, I was recently given a very beat up 1984 Toyota Supra Celica Mk2 automatic from my uncle. The car hasn’t been run in over 15 years and has been sat in a garage for all that time. Im hoping to restore it and add some performance modifications. I’m looking for parts but...
  5. Introduce Yourself
    Just bought an 82 MK2 that was someone's project car. Having trouble with some wiring problems. Is this forum still active?
1-5 of 5 Results