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  1. Celica Supra Build Up / Restoration
    Hi everyone! My name is Ian, I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. first of all, sorry if my English it’s not perfect, here we talk only in Spanish 😁 in December of 1980 my grandfather wen to USA, more specifically to Florida, he fall in love with the 1981 Bi color Supra. So he didn’t think it twice...
  2. Celica Supra Build Up / Restoration
    I bought this in Febuary 2020 and have been collecting parts. I still don't know what I am missing and what doesn't work. Do to so many "honey do" projects it gets pushed to the back burner. The engine was partly torn down and parts stuffed in the trunk. The sun roof lead so the previous...
  3. General Chat
    it would be cool if we could have a meet or just hook up with eachother for trading parts and etc ..... post on here if your a vegas member !!!!
1-3 of 3 Results