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  1. 1985 Part Needed / Wanted

    Hello. I am looking for a front driver's side blinker light. I can't seem to find the right part. I've tried searching for the right wording, but I'm not sure. Unless it's two pieces, it seems L-shaped. I need some help figuring it out. I'll add a picture if I can. It's for a 1985 Toyota...
  2. MK2 P-type from PR

    I need some interior and some exterior parts for my supra. If you have something please let me know. If you can ship it to Puerto Rico it would be much appreciated. Help me complete the almost only Mk2 supra in puerto Rico.
  3. Intercooler for MK4

    Parts For Sale
    Hello I own a MK4, I wanted to hear your opinion, because I wanted to buy myself an intercooler. which one do you recommend for brands or sizes?
  4. 77 ST out here in NC , looking to bring it back to daily driver

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello! Im Brandon \m/ Have spent what feels like ages trying to find a forum for classic celicas and supras. I have a 77 gen 1 don't see much on here for the Gen1's after looking thru the forums. However hope to upgrade the motor,trans, overall drivetrain to a more "modern" set up. Just wanted...
  5. Discord

    General Chat
    Greetings fellow Supra owners! My friends and I have created a Celica Supra/Supra owner's club. I have an invite link to anyone that's interested in joining, and/or downloading the app, and joining from there. We understood there's many Supra groups on the internet, however we thought it would...
  6. Fixed my not running issue but now my engine pops(also has a video)

    Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    it is also burning coolant but in this video it didnt really burn so maybe i spilled some ... idk but mainly the damn noise is driving me crazy ....
  7. need help finding parts!

    Celica Supra Build Up / Restoration
    hey guys im a new kid to this website and not sure where to post this but i have recently got myself an 84 supra. runs great no mechanical problems(anymore) but now im in need of some body parts, the previous owner wrecked it and left me to find the parts ive looked at all the local pay and pull...
  8. 83 supra for sale wa

    Cars For Sale
    I have an 83 P type for sale. Has 131K its all stock. Needs windshield (has crack) Pwr windows locks and moonroof all works no interior leaks. Interior is 6 out of 10 driver seat has small tears. asking $2500 OBO partial trades possible $1000 and ??? Kids dirtbike, kids quad, Toyota...
  9. question about gas meter

    General Tech Q&A
    when i'm driving and i take a right turn, my gas meters drops. but when i take a left turn it rises. is this normal?
  10. 83 supra

    Introduce Yourself
    hey everyone, my name is matt, im new to owning my 83 supra, i have had it for about a year now. i want to eventually make this car a time trial car. im looking for the following parts: 85 front bumper( with wrap around turn siginals) 85 taillights 85 gas cap door im looking for a good shape...
  11. 1982 Supra on ebay

    eBAY Auctions / Craigslist Ads
    i'm selling my 1982 supra. check it out:
  12. 1983 Toyota Supra

    Cars For Sale
    1983 Toyota Celica Supra 137xxx miles spotless interior cd player 5 speed brand new clutch brand new brakes makes noise in rear possible bearing slight leak in sun roof paint is peeling power everything everything works engine is very strong and will last forever gets a lot of looks perfect...
  13. 1986 1/2 Supra got T-boned

    Cars For Sale
    My friends '86 1/2 Black Supra got T-boned in the front and he is looking to sell it. Stock 7mge Engine redone, has 3000 miles on it and tranny are fine, has a new header, inside is leather and in good shape, back end is perfect. Was in awesome shape prior to the crash. I'll get pics up soon...
  14. Black '84 Supra L-Type, Digital Dash, Auto

    Cars For Sale
    Black '84 Toyota Supra 5MGE MkII, L-type w/Digital Dash. 169k. Borg Warner Auto Trans w/overdrive. Clean Title in hand. Current Reg, all dmv fees paid, tags good till Aug 2010. Extensive documentation, 2nd owner bought used from Alexandria Toyota, VA in Nov 1990 with reciept. 15k/70k/90k/160k...
  15. Kid With a MK2

    Introduce Yourself
    First off: Hi to everyone on this site. So, as the title says, im a kid(14) with a mk2(84 p-type) Info:My dad got it for me for my 12th birthday, it was wrecked and we picked up it and a parts car for 400$. Brought it home, put in new spark plugs and cables, had it running a few days after...
  16. 83 Supra looking to upgrade need help.

    Celica Supra Build Up / Restoration
    This is my second supra my first was an 84 with the 5mge, 5 speed manual. I put a cold air intake on it and put lowering springs on it. But I had to sell it and I was devastated. So I tracked this one down and I'm not getting rid of it. So I need help and some ideas about what to do first...
  17. 1979 CelicaSupra For Sale

    Cars For Sale
    New to this site, not sure exactly how it works. I have a 1979 Celica Supra for sale in Bremerton, WA. It runs very well and has a new alternator/battery and spark plug cables. Also very low mileage, under 120,000. I am asking $1300. Please contact me at [email protected] with questions...
  18. Hello - new user and former MKI Supra owner (not recommended for the faint of heart!)

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone! I was reminiscing the other day about how much fun I had driving my 1981 Toyota Celica Supra. So I searched for a while and was having problems finding information on the type of Supra I had. I can't find any of them for sale and am having difficulty finding many pictures. My...
  19. 1987 Toyota Supra Turbo Parts

    Parts For Sale
    1987 Toyota Supra Turbo Parts I have for sale parts for a 1987 Toyota Supra Turbo with a 5 Speed swap. I have a ton of parts that need to be sold by next week before I scrap the whole car. Here is the price list and prices are OBO with reasonable offer. If you have other parts that you are...
  20. Post all your Supra Pics thread.

    Picture Post
    I have a little collection going on here and I think it would be cool if we could share all the pictures we have collected of each others cars. Lets make a bandwidth hungry thread! Just some randoms of all yours guys cars I've collected, I'll post up in batches. I think this could be a really...