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  1. General Tech Q&A
    I've made a little table of commonly searched for relay & modules. build COR MAIN RETRACT IGNITER DISTR ISCV RETRACT CSI-TS CSI TPS date RELAY #2 RELAY Idle Valve CONTROL 82 08/81-07/82 85910-14020 85915-14050 85964-14040 89620-24020 19100-43090 22270-43010 83...
  2. General Tech Q&A
    My throttle position sensor is no longer getting power, and I cant find a fuse or relay for it? Does it even have a fuse/relay? Or would it be one for the ECU? I checked both the main fuse box under the hood and the one inside car under the steering wheel, and all the fuses are good. And if the...
1-2 of 2 Results