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  1. General Chat
    Been working on making brand new trim for our vehicles! They will be held on with double sided tape and will be uv resistant and somewhat scratch proof as I use a harder material. For anyone whos interested in a set pm me and ill put you on the waitlist
  2. Wanted
    Hi, so I was wondering if anyone has a decent Celica supra hood badge or the Celica XX one, I've been searching for some but rarely do I come across one at a decent price that's not worth 100$+
  3. Restoration Talk
    Hey everyone, repainting my trim is on the list of things to do next. Moldings, Window trims, and front bumper piece. My car is a 3F2 Super Deep Red and my biggest debate is either going satin black or gloss black trim. If anyone has pictures of their fresh trim on a super deep red supra to...
  4. Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    Found these guys the other day whilst searching for turbo rebuilders. G-Pop Shop 22349 W War Eagle Rd Springdale, AR 72764 Ph: 479-751-7966 Fax: 479-717-2211 I contacted them yesterday by email, around 5pm. I had a reply first thing this morning from Gerry, the owner, just like their phone...
  5. Wanted
    anybody got door trim or side trim whatever it is? or know where i can get some for an '85 supra? i need both sides, from the front to the back. and one rocker thingy for the bottom on the left side. thank you.
1-5 of 5 Results