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  1. Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    I looked around a little bit and see that most people just buy 6ms already made. I found a full 7mge engine for sale and I’m planning to buy it to scavenge the rotating assembly. If I wanna make a 6m out of my 5m, is there anything else I need other than the rotating assembly and front main...
  2. Drivetrain
    I have a 1984 celica supra and im wondering if a w58 from a mkiii would work without much issue i have a 2jz non turbo in it so i need the w58 specifically. And im gonna need the info asap cause the mechanic im working with needs it pretty fast.
  3. Engine / Intake / Exhaust
    I have a Cressida with a 5mge and I’d like to make some more power, I was considering slapping on some 7mgte turbo parts, but I now have found out I can stroke my engine? Would I just need to put in a 7m crank and rods? Also just a side thought, anyone know of any good aftermarket alternators...
  4. Me

    Introduce Yourself
    How’s it goin, I recently purchased an 83 Cressida and I wanna slowly make it into a high revving tire smoking rally car. I also have some fords and an e39 530i 5 speed and a 98 k2500 6.5 5 speed. I know nothing about Toyota engine stuff so any help with my stuff is appreciated
  5. Wanted
    Hey, Looking for adapter parts anybody have a adapter for w58 to 1uz (I have a auto bell housing) or bellhousing, 1uzfe adapted flywheel, clutch, throwout bearing etc. Located in NC Thank you
  6. 1JZ/2JZ - GE & GTE swaps
    Hey everyone, I just finished up my 2jz swap into my ‘80 and figured I should make a post for future swappers. I started with a 4ME Auto 1980 Supra, MA46. 2JZ is GE non-vvti out of a 93 sc300. For this swap you need a front sump pan. Transmission is a W58 out of a mk3 supra, using a ebay...
  7. Introduce Yourself
    Hey everyone! My names Carson Hall, 19 yo, from Denver, CO. I own a MA46 and MA70. March 2020, I bought my MA46 for $1000, running and driving. Drove it for a few months until the 4ME started needing parts that were too hard to find. Yanked it out and stuffed in a 2jzge with a w58. I’ll be...
  8. General Chat
    Greetings fellow Supra owners! My friends and I have created a Celica Supra/Supra owner's club. I have an invite link to anyone that's interested in joining, and/or downloading the app, and joining from there. We understood there's many Supra groups on the internet, however we thought it would...
  9. 5MGTE/6MGTE/7MGTE - turbo forum
    If i wanted to sawp my 5m for a 7m would everything bolt right up to it or would i need a few different parts.:eek4dance:
  10. Wanted
    Hello everyone. Looking to buy a W58 for a reasonable price. I'm located in Central NJ, but I am willing to travel for a good deal. LMK what you have available. E-mailing me is the easiest way to communicate. Thanks. [email protected] My name is Peter
  11. General Tech Q&A
    i have an 85 celica supra m/t i pulled engine and i have a 87 cressida that also has the 5mge every thing under the hood looks the same but it is an automatic so im wondering if i can hook up my w58 transmission to the auto 5mge. im sure i would have to put the m/t flywheel on the auto 5mge i...
  12. 1UZ-FE/V8/Other Swaps
    yup, like the title says. i bought the car for 600. this is what has been done so far: motor mounts 1uz auto bellhousing adapter plate to mk3 w58 mk3 w58 with auto trans x member new stock fuel pump attempting wire tuck Looking at getting: 2 holset h1's megasquirt/edis driveshaft clutch...
1-12 of 12 Results