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1,000 Mile questions...

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Ok, I've officially driven 1,000 miles since I got my '85 a number of months ago. As some of you may know, I had a dog of a time with my head gasket. Well, I have a few questions now.

1: Under heavy accelerating circumstances (Drag racing) I hear a whistling sound, kinda like a turbo sound, but quieter. I heard it could be tranny whistling, I thought intake. Out of curiosity, what is that?

2: Occasionally the temperature needle will jump all the way past hot, till the needle stops. I tap the dash, and it goes back to normal. Why?

3: Heat blows real nice when I'm moving, but when I stop it's ice cold. I have new coolant, about a 70/30 mix with water. Is that normal?

4: On the expressway tonight coming home from work, the brake light and the battery light started flickering, and then came on, and flickered again. Voltage seemed to be around 10 volts or so, lights obviously dim. When I got off the expressway, the lights (battery and brake) shut off, and voltage stayed around 10 all the way home. I did test the alternator about 2 weeks ago and the diode pattern is bad, but it pushes the right amount of amps. The battery is also going, it tested good, low charge when it was fully charged (usually indicating a bad battery on its way). I do have to replace both things, but is that normal for that light thing to happen?

I'm sure I'll have more stupid questions for you all, and I'll post them then. Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it!

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Ah yes, forgot to mention I put an aftermarket cone filter on the air flow sensor thingy (forgot the name, not MAF is it?) and with that filter instead of the stock filter the check engine light comes on. That might be the source of the whistle? The thermostat is new, part of the HG disaster - er, I mean project - the heater core was not flushed... Hey MK2Racer, I found another part I need off your parts motor...
I guess I should explain better about the needle thing. It will actually shoot all the way up, like a spring loaded needle of death so to speak. I guess I'll have to make sure the system is bled, but of course, once the alternator problem is finished. Gotta get around to that this weekend... Anyway, ok, so the whistling is the cone filter. Cool. Here's a question #5 for ya, how do I get my check engine light to stop coming on? It comes on once I start driving, and I'm pretty sure it's all about the filter. Also, as far as bleeding the system, what's the best way to go about that? I heard that if you jack the front end up it's best, but I dunno for sure. As always, thanks for the input and the help.

Well, battery and alternator swap complete, 4 hour job. During this time I also took the liberty of replacing most of the vaccum hoses with some nice new red vaccum hose I bought. Also I got some blue wire loom for the plug wires, got it on the #1 wire and realized that it was eating up a lot of time. Still no luck on the heating situation while stopped, perhaps tomorrow (christmas day) I'll get lucky and find a plastic tee fitting and do that. Who knows...
Anyway, as always, thanks for the help in making my Supra the happiest it can be.
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