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11.5" wheels on mkii with no detriment?

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i'm thinking of putting 10 and 11.5" wheels on my mkii. this car is strictly a street legal track car. the plan is to maximize contact patch (275/315 tire combo) with the lightest weight wheels possible. fender clearance aside (because i would cut them out and hopefully mold some wider fiberglass or urethane pieces to cover the tires for the street) would there be any problem running the wheels on the stock mkii hubs? i'd have to extend the wheel outward, since there is virtually no room inward to go wider, maybe a little depending on what coilovers i can get to fit, but not enough to make any real diffrence. i would imagine i'd have to go with a crazy offset, but i can live with that so long as there aren't any unforeseen problems with it. can anyone think of a reason NOT to do this?

some things to note:

car weighs about 2400 lbs
ultimate goals for this car are just shy of 450 rwhp through a 7m

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wow, sure would like to see the car when all is done !

My guess is that as long as you get wheels that are hubcentric (60.1mm in centerbore) watch your lugnuts for correct torque (I use 80 ft/lbs) and check your wheel bearing often, should be ok. Your bearings will wear quicker due to the negative offset you need to run, but heck, the car is lighter than stock too. You didn't mention what diameter wheels, that would be interesting to figure out overall gearing. I can't imagine using larger than a 17" wheel unless you are also changing rear end ratios.
What type of tires would you run ? I think Hoosiers in a 315/35-17 and maybe 285/40-17 would be about 25.6" overall diameter, when stock is close to 24.5". With the power you plan to develop, maybe the bigger overall diameter tires would be good. I say go for it ! It's racing !

Don L.
'84 Supra
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What work has been done to the car thusfar? What did you do to get it to 2400#?

I'm a sucker for Racing supras, alarm set for 5:30 so I can attend an autox 3hrs away tomorr morning.

yeah i forgot to mention, the wheels will be 17" this way i still have a large tire selection and enough meat on the wheels to go from a dig not too shabbily. i just found some wider truck fenders which looks like with a little modification will give me the extra coupe inches i will need to cover the wider wheels. i'm not so concerned with overall diameter right now, i cna figure that out later when i go shopping for tires, theoretically i should have inches of clearance over the tire when i'm through.

the car is pretty much a shell with racing seats. it has no interior, nothing under the dash except the ecu, all amentities removed from the car including everything unnessicary in the engine bay. things still left to do are removing the sunroof motor and tracks and welding the sunroof shut, replacing all the glass, pulling some of the steel in the engine bay up front and replacing a lot of the outer skin with fiberglass or urethane counterparts to create a hollow shell, and finishing the brake ducting and other small stuff.
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Which wheels are you going with, Chris?

I'm thinking hard about going the same route as you, but with a stock 5M-GE and less stripping.

Here's my plan (please provide your thoughts):
- source cheap MkII
- get Big Brake Kit
- get wheels and good tires
- go through car and get it up to snuff for road racing
- lap all the time :)

I'd love to swap notes with you as this looks like a cheaper alternative to lapping the JZA80.

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not wanting to pay $$$ for the jza80 in upgrades, parts, maintenence etc. is EXACTLY why i started this project.

i've been thinking about ccws. they are great quality wheels that are relatively cheap and light. i almost want to stay with the 5mge myself, it has a great powerband i've come to love, but i'm hoping a 7m with a small turbo and derek obanion's ic/less piping will give me virtually the same, but with higher figures to help out on the straights.
Lapping the mk4 can get really expensive in a hurry.

A boosted 5M should be a lot of fun. Remember to hound your local race tire shop too. Some of the Porsche owners tend to scrap a lot of 17" tires that still have some decent tread on them to run an event.
well back to your oringinal question, if you are doing this on the cheap then maybe its best just to stick with a 10 inch wheel as you can fit that in the rear stock without any mods. I'm not sure what the fitment guide says fits best but you should be able to run comfertably up to a 295 on a 10 inch wheel. What detriment you ask? Well as the rim gets bigger and heavier the car gets slower and the wheel and tires get more expensive. Also if your car is dramaticly dropping in weight you probably won't need as much rubber as you think. Anyways, if you think your going to need that much rubber go for it but if I was trying to build a race car on the cheap I'd just go as big as I could fit in the stock flares. The mk2 can already swallow rediculous amounts of wheel. To help give you an idea, you can run an 8 inch wheel with up to a -20 offset and 225/50-15s and still clear the flares lowered and all. Theres tons of room on the inside too so I don't see a problem with a 10 inch wheel. Conversly I've run up to +25 7 inch wheels with 215/50-15s before and had no rubbing either (I'm sure you could go in further then that too).

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hey, long time no see. thanks for the info. it is true that this project is a cheap one, but i figure if i'm dishing out the cash for a 9
+inch wheel, may as well go the extra mile and get what i really crave - as much tire as possible. i still can't imagine what taking a corner with such wide tires in such a light car will feel like. but anyway, i'm not so concerned with the stock fender flares at all. i am almost too eager to cut them out and screw in the cheap plastic truck ones i'm planning on throwing on there. also, lost power due to more rotational mass is not a probelm as i see it, since i can just turn up the boost slightly to compensate; also, i really won't need a lot of hp, a stock 5m would keep me happy for a LONG time in this setup. so i figure a bpu 7m (as we are hoping to have it when dropped in) will be more than enough.
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