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11 sec supra pics

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i asked him for some pics of the 4 link and of the engine bay. will post if he sends them.

should work now. forgot to change the album to public
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karaki said:
Link not working Bro :cry:

Yes they do :nutkick:
yeah, they work now. the folder was set to private and i didnt realize it. i changed it to public and fixed the links. heres some more pics.

thats cool i am going for low 12s after my store gets going i am going to do a 6m with 10-15psi and 100 shot and a lot of moter work i might take some pics of us taking my 5 m out in the next few weeks
Wow, anyone else notice that he has no filter, AFM, or intake plumbing? Would hate to have any track debri get sucked into the turbo! :shock:
Okay, am I missing something here, or are the spark plug wires running to the bottom and front of the motor, and there's no plugs in the motor? I must be missing something here...
He probably took that pic when the motor was being worked on. Notice the missing rad cap too.

Interesting to see that it is an 82 motor setup, with the vacuum advance on the distributor, older-style square TPS and no ISCV.

Also just noticed in the first engine bay pic something that looks like a brake line splitter on the firewall, straight behind the turbo. Maybe for a line-lock setup?

Anyway, cool pics!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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