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What 14" tire would you buy?

  • Falken ZE-502 ZIEX 225/60HR14

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  • Sumitomo HTR-4 225/60HR14

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  • BFG 245/50/14 (S speed rated I believe)

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  • Michelin Pilot XGT H4 225/60HR14

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What specific's are you looking for in the stock tires????

Grippy'ness?? Get the Sumitomo's (320AA treadwear rating, but they will wear sooner)?? The Falken's & the Michelin's I believe are 400AA's & the BFG's are 420AB's I think??? Anywho, harder rubber compound, but they will last longer. Not quite as grippy, IMHO.

Tread looks?? Get the Falken's with their direction tread design (has that V design that is supposed to channel water better). The other 3 tend to look like normal passenger car tread designs

Price??? The Michelin's will be the most expensive, the others are pretty close in price range, but not as expensive as the Michelin's.

All 4 are M+S rated. Since you are down in Portland, OR & the weather is pretty similiar to us up here in Seattle, all 4 of these will be fine.

The BFG's are available in raised white letters. The other 3 are only blackwalls.

Based on the above criteria, what specific's are most important??

(DOH!!!! I just now remembered that you just recently turbo'd your 5MGE. Thus for traction purposes, I would get the Sumitomo's, but Jay Balducci is running the Michelin's on his 85 7MGTE).

(For information purposes, this is my tire history for the Redpra on the stock rims): Dunlop SP Sport D3's (the car's 2nd set of tires & they came w/ the car when it had 75K miles. They were just about worn out & I only had them on for a week or so). Goodyear Eagle ST's (235/60's. They lasted pretty long, but I made the DUMB mistake of only rotating them ONCE... Thus I learned the hard way about treadwear). BF GoodRich Radial TA's (Back to 225's. Lasted longer, due to tire rotation). Yokohama A509's (I discovered the joy's of sticky 160AA tires, and the pain's of driving them in the snow, because they are not M+S rated), and just recently, another pair of Yoko A509's).
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