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14x8 ?

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i hear everyone talking about 14x7 on my rims there is raised lettering and it says 14x8. they look exactly like the ptype rims. the question is are these stock and if they are then why the diff. widths.

early 86 p type
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I don't think they should say 14x8, but if you measure your rims from outside lip to outside lip they will be about 8 inchs wide. You have to measure from the inside of the lip (with the tire off) to get the proper rim width. Yours will be 7s, they all are.
I think the 8 you see (which is on all Ptype rims) means +8mm offset.
Nick is correct.

The "8" that you see as the first digit on the "JJ" marking is NOT the width, it's the wheel offset.

Trust us, these ARE indeed 7" wide wheels.

The JJ markings are the same for both of the L-Type wheels, the first digit is a 27 on the 14x5.5" wheels, and a 20 on the 15x6" wheels.
rsdeo said:
Who's Nick?

i trust you guys i was just wondering. thanks for the replies.
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