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15's what do you guys think

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I personally would be on these if hey came in 16" I think they would fit our MKII styling perfectly.

Anyway I contacted James Razor and he can get them in 0mm offset but they are about $1280 and are only 15"

Oh well...

Heres the link to the pics:

Heres the link to the Work Site:

I am still half tempted just because I like the styling so much.

Heres another link with 5 pictures of them on other cars..Miata etc. Sweet I tell ya:
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If you can get them in 15x8 and they're significanly cheaper then getting some new 16s then I'd say go for it. 225/50-15s are a nice size and theres tons of cheap tires available in that size. Unfortuantly if you want to go wider theres not much available and you are almost an inch shorter then stock diameter with that size. I like that though, I think the stock tires are too tall, and if you combine a 4.1 diff with a 4.3 speedo gear and 225/50-15s you should get an accurate speedo and odometer. I'm all 15s on my 85 and I'm quite happy with them.
Those looke really nice, and they look super light too. You might want to go to tirerack and browse the tire options and see if there are some that you would think you like. I did the same thing before purchasing my wheels and found that there was not much selection that matched what I was looking for in a tire in 15 inch sizes. Most preformance tires in 15" are still not wide enough as they cater to the compact tuner crowd and are in the 205 size range.
Works make some nice wheels, but are hard to get on this side of the pond. Very expensive.
Yes I have to do some digging on what tires are available and think long term on my HP plans to see if the tires are capable of supporting what I want to do.

I have been told that they are close to 12.4 lbs which is really lite.
They look like those Hyashi(sp?) wheels
you have just have to look at this site...its has all the oldschool wheels...real sweet...i wish i could get those watanbe RS8

I like those wheels........very nice!

And this pic below :!: would make a BadAss Calendar picture!

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Yes, that has to be in the calendar!!!!!!
i love those work wheels, man if i could find some for a decent price id jump on them, and i agree, put that picture in the calendar
Those are awesome wheels. No offense to anyone but I'm really suprised so many of you guys like them :) Most of the time it seems like "mesh" this and "mesh" that! LOL Anyway I've had my eye on a similar wheel for quite a while, the Axis Maglite:

Although only available in 15x7 and 17x7, 4x100, 40mm offset. But it would be super easy to get a wheel adapter/spacer to make these work, too bad they only come in 7" wide.
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Skip nice. Thanks so very much.

Ok what is the widest Tire we can get on a 7" rim? Because I think that those only come in 7" width at the most.

Also I am curious if we could get a discount on those if we had maybe 4-5 people?

Anybody at all interested?
225 is widest you can fit on a 7" wide wheel unless the tire has a very tall sidewall :( That's why I let go of my dream of running those Axis wheels.
I think running at least 245s on an 8" wheel is the minimum especially if you're going to do a 7M swap. Those Work wheels are sooooo sweet though.... Any chance they'd clear the BBK? If so LMK if you can get discount group pricing.
You're pretty much stuck with 215s or 225s on a 15" wheel mainly because 15 inchers don't come in any low profile sizes beyond that. Its the same problem with the 16" tires, except you can go up to 245 or maybe 255 on 16s. BTW, I'd highly doubt the 15" wheels would clear the BBK.
Joseph & Aaron,

Per Jim King, the MINIMUM requirement for the JK BBK is 16" wheels. Also, you'll want to check the specs on the wheels & the design of the wheel in the back, as we're now discovering that "some" 16" wheels will not clear the calipers on the BBK. Case in point: Aaron & his set of Epsilon's.

AND remember!!!! Once you go to the BBK, you're 16" wheels now become part of the car!! You won't be able to get your stock 14 x 7"s back on.
Per Jim King, the MINIMUM requirement for the JK BBK is 16" wheels.
Well actually when he first came out with the BBK, he said some 15's *may* work. It would all depend on the inner design/clearance for each particular wheel. Just as you say that certain 16" wheels won't work.
I don't really see the point of getting 15s anyway but I do like these wheels alot. They'd be perfect for an AE86.
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