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16" Nice Hot wheels--$2000

Basically a new thread, just being reused. Hopefully I can have Malloy clean it up a bit.

I decided, I don't want to buy wheels now, then later on, want to upgrade again, to something nicer/more expensive.
I will spend $2000 on a nice set of wheels. Either 16's with no tires, or 17's with tires. I have two sets of 16" tires already and don't need them. I'm hoping, this will bring out some nicer wheels for my car.
I can get Braids from [email protected] for around $2100 shipped to my door without some of the options. That would require quite a long wait time, which I don't have, as we have a couple meets coming up, and most importantly pnw supra nationals.
So, I'm hoping, at this price range, we won't get laughed at asking for someone to let go of their nicer wheels.
My wants haven't really changed, just, the quality of wheel I guess. If you have 3k wheels that need to be repainted or polished, we can work out a deal because Austin is my slave and can do that work.

Really nice Epsilons, obvoiusly these aren't worth as much, but maybe there is a set somewhere
Simmons fr17's or most other models
Any of 85soops super sexy hot wheels.

These are pictures of rims I would love something like:
16 or 17"

A perfect set of these with black centers and 17"

I would do bad things for these wheels, plus money: HRE 540

Those are all the brands Austin has showed me and stuff, I'm sure there is lots more, I just don't know them.
You guys get the picture, if it's not listed here, but you think they may fit in. Let me, or Austin, or both know.
I have the money, in paypal, money transfer, cash However you want it.

Lets see them.
I'm going to keep this open and looking till April 26th, then I will just order the wheels I want.

Kdsii pm sent

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Somebody get this woman rims! I know you don't want cheap, and everyone has your opinions about Rota's but the P45R is a big hit on the forums. I ordered mine last week, theres Nic up here in Canada that is just awaiting new rubber to mount them up I think and 2 other members stateside. If you check the wheel and tire forum there is a thread that has some pictures on the 3-4th page.

I 17x9 and 17x9.5 requires a 5mm spacer in the front (which is nothing) and your choice of 5-7ish mm spacer in the rear depending on how far you want it to from the fenderflare.

Good luck.

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I have seen the rota's, and have absolutely no interest in them. They are cheap, and also a "big hit" on the forum. I'm looking for something along the lines of simmons, braids, etc. Or 17" meshies. Those rota's just don't do it for me and I don't think will flow with the look Austin and I are trying to accomplish with my car. I like a big lip on my rims, well, and other things... I already have almost new 16" tires, that I would preferably reuse. If I have to wait longer, or save a little more, I will. Austin's car is going to be hot, and I have to have at least better rims then him, which Rota's are definitely not.

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A few samples:

SSR staggered set - 16x8 & 16x9

One small issue with these on a MkII - they are +25mm - you'll need spacers for clearance on the inside. I ran them for a while on my 1JZ MkII with 1" spacers before I found a similar set of +0mm rims. (yeah, I know you said no spacers, but they look great on a MkII)

It's really just to give you a taste - I can put together a staggered set that would fit.

I also have the following in the same style, but with different center finishes (some gold, some silver, etc):

16x7.5 +19mm (2 pair - four rims)
16x8.5 +17mm (1 pair - two rims)
16x8 +0mm (1 pair - might be two pairs - I need to check)
16x8 +13mm (1 pair - two rims)
16x9 +13mm (1 pair - two rims)

A few have some minor curb rash and all need to be cleaned to look good. If you are interested in a specific set, lmk.
- and yes, they are all SSR Formula Mesh rims I've picked up on Rinkya over the last three or four years - a pair here and a pair there (I didn't know how many I had till I dug through them this morning) - and I've finally realized there are more than I'm EVER going to use - someone else might as well enjoy them :)

Another choice:
Riken 16x7 +0
Gold centers, polished lips - they look much better than this photo - the polished lips pick up the flash and make them look weird - I can take better photos if you are interested.

And, if you want something a little different:

Reys 16x8 +8mm

Yes, I have too many wheels :) (and a serious weakness for meshies!)

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...Bonus, if the wheels are nice enough, Picture of the day thread could get very, uh.... nsfw....
:rolleyes: I want to be pleased, not teased.:)

On a serious note it seems the Euro is dropping in value and with the recent announcement of the EU bailing out Greece, possibly more countries too in the near future the Euro may drop even more. This will be very advantageous to us here in North America to do group buy from a company such as Braid. I've been thinking of this for a while. Why buy used?

If not and you want something different, go 5 bolt and get Starions. They are 16" and four different widths to choose from.

Pure sex.

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No! Seriously, this really is for me! I'm on the hunt, I need something new and sexy for my car, that will make people lust. :)
well Jess.. you only need be sitting in the car for that to occur :naughty:

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17's, come with decent 225 tires but would need new in a year or so. I'm looking to get $700 plus shipping for them.

17 x 8
+12 offset
4x114.3 bolt pattern.

Yes these are Mustang Cobra rims, fitted with TRD centers. Some 245s on the rears would fill the flare out perfectly.

No flares and 4x4 look, but thats them on my black.

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Thanks to all the replies so far. Nothing of super interest except some of kdsii's wheels. Added a longer "do not want" list to the first post.
Thanks anyways for trying.

Btw, I am not nearly gangsta enough to pimp 18's.
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