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I came to Pensacola, FL today and while I was here I looked at this 80 Supra and discovered that it is pretty clean. The inside has a brown leather interior with the front seats sun damaged/cracked. The rear top seats are cracked as well
The outside does not show any rust and the paint is in great shape, it does not appear to have been wrecked, but the hood seems to be not sitting right on the car, like it may have been removed and not lined up properly when reinstalled.
It started right up and ran like a swiss watch. It even has a factory CB that I have never seen before where the cassette player normally is located.
I didn't drive it because it was raining, but in my opinion it's worth at least 2,000.
The owner Trey was a pretty decent guy and has many cars and I believe he just needs to move it so I hope this 80 Supra can find a home from someone here.
I hope I have been some help.
Sorry for the lack of Pics.
If I didn't have my 81 I would love to have this one.
Also Trey claims it has not been titled since he bought it from the original owner. So whoever buys this will be the second owner.
ebay item # 250561683625
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