This has been stored by me for 3 decades in dry storage, since I parted out a very clean '85 Celica in 1993 (only 8 yrs old). There is zero rust anywhere, the white paint's beautiful (note that the yellow is erasable crayon on top RH edge), and so is the glass (rear windscreen & gasket; photo shows some COBWEBS on it from years of storage). Both the door and the glass was discontinued in the '90s when the dealer was charging almost $2k just for the sheet metal door. This comes complete with the motor assembly and wiper arm (stored separately). The good thing about this "third door" is that it has NO holes for a spoiler. If your car has a spoiler (fin), all you need do is drill a few holes. If not, you're all set! I will take PayPal if you need it sent (will send an invoice). This will take hours to meticulously package, but I've got about 44 yrs experience (and I'm a no excuses shipper). I can look into sending it Greyhound (something I did many times since 1990), but I may need a courier to L.A. $2250 packaged & shipped (not including FedEx, UPS or Greyhound chgs), or $1750 cash if you pick it up (preferred!). Cash 'n carry price lowered $750 to only $1750. If you pick it up, I will help you wrap this for the ride in your vehicle (including some shrink wrap, if necessary). I have a cornucopia of boxes/cardboard (also, an insulated moving blanket)! Please call or text 619-442-4280 (in San Diego, CA 92104, same # since 1995). PLEASE kindly leave a message (preferably w your name!) if I can't get to the phone. I have many other interior and small (incl. electronic) parts, too. Also a very nice HOOD, (see down below), and mint O.E.M. wheels