I'm trying to get rid of my 1982 Toyota Celica st sport coupe 2d I had the car for a few months and unfortunately I didn't check the oil one day and the engine blew up. The transmission is still good, there's rust on the driver's rear quarter panel like they all do and it's all bondoed up (bought it like that) I painted the hood black and the wheels, the car is sitting on washers so it's static, I do have a new rear struts bc the ones on the car are blown, the car has about 140k. The interior is basically gutted but i put all the interior back in. Let me know if you would like to look at the car or whatever, peddle was offering me 840 for the car but they haven't done anything yet so I'm tired of waiting and I want the car out of my hands so anyone who gives me more than or 840 can have it. If you have any questions please call me at 805-881-1843 also you will need to either tow the car or bring your own trailer.